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Taiwan official: The world is laughing at China’s threat to tear Japan apart

Recently, a video that went viral on Chinese social media caused a stir in public opinion. The video talks about threatening Japan with nuclear war and “ripping” the country into four pieces if Tokyo participates in defending Taiwan against the Chinese regime.

The video, produced by the military channel Thao Luoc, says that Japan should be the exception to China’s “no use” policy with nuclear weapons. The rule says that Beijing can only use nuclear weapons if another party strikes first.

“We will use the nuclear bomb first. We will use nuclear bombs continuously,” the video reads. “We will do this until Japan declares its second unconditional surrender.”

The video depicts a counterattack against Japan and emphasizes that instead of the Ryukyu Islands and southwestern Japan, the country’s four major islands should be the primary target, with the strategic objective of “destroying Japan.” Copy.”

The host declared that this war against Japan had “unlimited conditions” and was an “unlimited war”, including the free use of tactical and strategic nuclear weapons.

After Japan is hypothetically “defeated”, the narrator threatens to take “severe measures” than in the post-World War II era, including the division of Japan’s four largest islands. into independent states. The creators of the video suggest that the islands be separated according to “the wishes of the people on each island.”

Each island nation was then supposed to have the right to build its own political institutions. Under the “supervision of China and Russia”, each country will create its own “peaceful constitution”.

All four of these “countries” will be administered by China and Russia, with both establishing military garrisons on the islands. Meanwhile, the Ryukyu Islands will either separate from Japan and be administered by China or become an independent country.

The video was posted on Xigua, a Chinese video platform similar to YouTube, but was later taken down.

Earlier this month, Japanese Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso said Japan “must defend Taiwan”, local media reported.

“If a major incident happens [in Taiwan], it could be said to involve threatening [Japan’s] survival. If that’s the case, Japan and the US must jointly defend Taiwan,” Aso said.

He then said that any dispute over Taiwan should be resolved through dialogue. Mr. Aso’s remarks were criticized by Beijing.

Japan’s annual defense white paper, released on July 12, expressed concern for the first time about Taiwan’s stability, linking it to Japan’s national security.

Twu Shiing-jer, President of Taiwan’s Center for Biotechnology Development and a former Health Minister of Taiwan, told the Epoch Times: “China is cursing Japan to the point of threatening to use weapons. Nuclear.”

“This makes the world laugh at them… It’s ridiculous.”

Taiwanese officials said that the US stance on Taiwan has made Japan also take a tougher attitude towards China.

“The United States has asked Japan to be stronger,” Twu said. “Backstage, the US said to Japan, ‘You can support Taiwan and we will support you as an ally and jointly on military and defense matters’.”

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