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Taliban use Twitter and WhatsApp for propaganda and control

The Taliban captured the Afghan capital Kabul over the weekend from August 14 to 15. They used Facebook’s Twitter and WhatsApp to broadcast orders and control Kabul. Twitters and Facebooks don’t seem to care that terrorists use their social media platforms.

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According to the “Washington Free Beacon”, on Monday, August 16, Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban, tweeted: “Residents (Kabul) welcome the Taliban”, “The situation in Kabul is under control” .”

This internationally recognized terrorist organization also spread similar information to the residents of Kabul as it entered the capital Kabul.

In recent days, Taliban leaders have been distributing WhatsApp codes, allowing Afghan government officials or soldiers to negotiate their surrender by dialing these codes.

In the past few weeks, after Mr. Biden withdrew US troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban have launched a series of attacks on Afghanistan. They captured many major cities in a situation where there was hardly any resistance.

The flow of Americans and Afghans poured into Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport. On Sunday, August 15, the Pentagon sent 1,000 troops to Afghanistan to assist with the evacuation.

In July, Mr. Biden, and officials under the Biden government, confidently expressed that, according to them, if the Taliban wanted to take over Afghanistan, it would take several months.

The Taliban have used WhatsApp and Twitter for years to broadcast their announcements. In the past week, they have taken it one level further, when it comes to using these platforms. The Taliban use WhatsApp to announce new rules for residents of Kabul.

On August 16, spokesman Mujahid also issued a warning on Twitter not to loot or threaten Afghan government officials illegally.

The Taliban also set up a “Complaint Commission” and published a WhatsApp number for the city’s residents, who “if they are being threatened by anyone” can call this number. The Taliban also established an emergency broadcasting system through Whatsapp.

On June 1, due to the rioting event on Capitol Hill, technology giants Twitter and Facebook permanently closed President Trump’s account for the reason of “inciting violence”. But when the Taliban terrorist organization uses their platform, they appear indifferent.

A female Twitter spokeswoman told the Washington Free Beacon that Twitter is “actively removing content that violates its policies.” The spokeswoman referred to one policy that prohibits “hateful acts” and another that prohibits “the threat or promotion of terrorism.” But she did not specify whether Twitter considers the Taliban a terrorist organization.

A Facebook spokesperson told the Washington Free Beacon it will take action on group accounts sanctioned in Afghanistan. But the spokesman did not specify specific cases.

Over the years, many Taliban spokespeople have always used Twitter accounts. They regularly publish the latest news on negotiations and battles in the region. These accounts often publish photos and videos on the front lines, then copy and share with pro-Taliban accounts.

It is known that only 15% of the population in Afghanistan can access the Internet. But the Taliban’s self-propaganda on social media platforms can also spread to all parts of the world.

Twitter and Facebook’s attitude toward the Taliban is even more friendly than President Trump’s. This is very worrisome.

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