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Team Trump denies in connection with the newly formed MAGA Patriotic Party

45th US President Donald Trump’s campaign team on Sunday denied any involvement with the newly formed political committee, known as the MAGA Patriot Party. .

Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller on January 25 told The Epoch Times via text message: “We are not encouraging this effort, have nothing to do with it, and only know about it through the media them ”.

In a MAGA Patriot Party document submitted to the National Election Commission, the name Donald J. Trump for President (DJTFP) is a political stakeholder for the new party.

However, Donald J. Trump for President (DJTFP) said he wanted to “deny the activities of a [political] committee called the Patriot Party”.

The National MAGA Committee of the Patriotic Party submitted an organizing announcement to the National Election Commission as early as January 25 (US time). Although the file indicates that Mr. Trump’s team is involved in the new political committee, Trump’s campaign side said it did not approve the submission of a form declaring them members of political activities. . funding agreement with the new political committee, and knew nothing about the activities of the Patriotic Party.

“To be clear: DJTFP is not linked to the Ai Quoc Party, this organization was not Mr. Approve Trump or DJTFP,” Mr. Trump’s team confirmed.

“The DJTFP has released this disclaimer publicly for the sake of misunderstanding among the public, and that such a misunderstanding might be wrong to believe that the activities of the Patriotic Party have been Mr. Trump’s or the DJTFP’s endorsement – or a misinterpretation that contributions to this unapproved committee contribute to the DJTFP – this is not true. “

MAGA National Patriotic Committee officials did not respond to The Epoch Times when asked to comment. A man named James Davis in Punta, Florida is registered as the treasurer of this new political party.

Since Mr. Trump stepped down last week, speculation that he would form a third political party has quickly spread.

A recent Just the News poll in collaboration with Scott Rasmussen found that the alleged Patriotic Party led by Trump would gain more support from voters than even Republicans.

The survey shows that if Mr. Trump leads the Patriotic Party, the Party will receive the support of nearly a quarter of voters (around 23%), while the Republican Party will receive only 17% support.

The survey was conducted by the Just the News poll in collaboration with Scott Rasmussen from January 21 to 23, 2021, with a sample of 1,200 registered voters.

In fact, so far, Mr. Trump has not told anyone about his plans after leaving the White House. Some of Trump’s advisers have revealed he will help Republicans regain control of the House and Senate in the 2022 midterm election, and he may consider participating in the court race. White Oc in 2024.

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