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Texas Attorney General Says More Than 500 Vote Fraud Cases Still Waiting for Trial

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said over the weekend that his office still has more than 500 voter fraud cases that need to be heard in court.

The Texas attorney general made the announcement after a woman was arrested last weekend by an anti-election fraud unit called the Election Fraud Unit on multiple counts of election fraud, according to a statement from the Texas Attorney General. Attorney General’s office.

“We will prosecute voter fraud every time we discover it. Currently, my office has more than 500 cases waiting to be heard in court,” Paxton wrote on Twitter.

Although Mr. Paxton did not provide any further information on those more than 500 cases, he said that “voter fraud is a reality” and that “Texans deserve to know their votes were valid. law and have been reliably counted”.

According to a statement from the attorney general’s office, which provided some information on the case of a woman arrested for voter fraud, the person arrested was Monica Mendez and has been incarcerated at the Victorina County Jail since June 23rd. The arrest came after a grand jury indicted Monica Mendez with seven counts of unlawful voting, eight counts of illegally assisting a voter and eight counts of unlawful possession of ballots. and 8 counts of electoral fraud.

However, Monica Mendez’s case is not related to the 2020 election, but to a 2018 local election.

In the wake of the Monica Mendez case, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has said his office will continue to pursue the passage of legislation designed to promote security around elections. A few days ago, Governor Abbott announced a special session of the Texas state congress to pass a number of measures related to voter fraud laws, critical racial theory, and how the state processing guarantees.

In May, the Texas state Senate approved a sweeping bill that would give election observers more rights by allowing them increased access inside constituencies. The measure would also establish new penalties against election officials whose conduct restricts the movement of election observers and would allow a judge to nullify election results if the number of Fraudulent votes may change the outcome, among other things.

However, in the last few hours of the legislative session in the Texas House of Representatives on June 30, the Democrats boycotted the voting session on the election bill that the Senate moved down by spending out. Under Texas House law, a vote on a bill must involve a certain minimum number of members, and Democrats have used this provision to prevent Republicans from having a majority in the House. Texas holds a vote on the election bill.

The Texas Democrats strongly oppose the electoral reform bills proposed by the Republican Party. They argue that such bills would restrict the voting rights of minorities.

With the Democrats’ boycott move, the Governor of Texas has announced that he will hold a special session to pass important legislation and in this meeting, the Democrats will not be able to prevent the law’s approval by leaving out.

Earlier this month, Governor Abbott told the Dallas Morning News: “I fully look forward to a session where we will pass the election integrity bill, as well as the bail reform bill. . These are two necessary bills and both need to be passed. And when we pass these two bills, we can add a number of additional items.”

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