Thanks to the image on the can of beer, the dog, lost for 3 years, was returned to its owner

A woman in Minnesota, USA, found her dog after 3 years of loss in a way no one could have expected.

Bradenton Motorworks Brewery recently partnered with the Manatee County Animal Service to provide information on adopted dogs. One of the dogs pictured printed on a can of beer, Day Day, will bid farewell to the Service shelter to return home, but will not be adopted by the new owner, but reunited with the old one.

Video screenshot from Fox13.

When Day Day was picked up by Manatee County Animal Services workers, he was fitted with a microchip registered to owner Monica Mathis, but his contact details had expired. Despite their best efforts, shelter staff were unable to find Day Day’s foster family.

Miracles have happened. Last week Ms Mathis took to Facebook and stumbled across a photo of a dog she lost three years ago printed on a can of beer. “I saw it on Facebook and said, ‘God! It is my dog! Mathis shared on Fox13.

Screenshot of the Sunnyskyz page.
Day Day disappeared when Mathis was living in Iowa. “I really believe he was gone and I never expected to see the dog again,” Mathis said. “When I saw the photo on the can of beer, I suspected and thought it looked like Day Day, but I wonder if it really is.

Mathis said that after Day Day went missing, she and her family moved to Minnesota. To this day, she still can’t figure out how her dog Day Day got from Iowa to Manatee County. But that doesn’t matter, because for her right now, there is no happiness like being reunited with her lost companion dog.

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