The 2-year-old, in a deep coma, woke up from her sister’s kiss

Photo edited by Dailyrecord.

There are still miracles in life, because God is always watching and protecting!

Baby Poppy Smith was born on February 17, 2014 in Gullance, Scotland. Due to premature birth at 29 weeks, at birth the baby weighs only 1.8 kg. Since birth, Poppy has spent several months in an intensive care unit and soon after was diagnosed with Moebius, a rare neurological disorder that affects the muscles of the face. .

This makes her unable to express emotions on her face, loses the ability to move and communicate. Particularly difficult are activities of life such as eating and breathing.

Poppy was born prematurely at 29 weeks and had to stay in the hospital for 3 months (Photo: Dailyrecord).

However, despite the illness, when he was over a year old, he began to take his first steps like many other children, to the surprise of doctors, more than the happiness of relatives in the family.

In 2016, she no longer needs to use the food pipe and her health is improving as well. Sometimes the baby’s heart stops beating, but quickly goes through all these storms.

Then one day when Poppy was 2, things suddenly got worse. At one point, her mother, Amy, was trying to wake her up, but Poppy remained still, unanswered. The panicked mother immediately took the baby to the local hospital and then transferred to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool for an emergency.

Two days later, Poppy recovered, but as doctors were about to remove the baby’s breathing apparatus, the situation turned critical. After being consulted, the doctor said, Poppy suffered severe brain damage from a lack of oxygen. They said she didn’t have a lot of time in this world.

Poppy was in a deep coma. Doctors predicted that she wouldn’t live much longer (Image: Dailyrecord).

Receiving news that made everyone in the family crumble, hopes were short-lived, but her older sister Elisha was different.

Elisha always visits her sister in the hospital after school. She spoke and sang to the little Poppy, when she left, she always kissed her sister’s belly.

And then, when Christmas arrives, it is also a magical day to knock on the door. As always, Elisha’s sister gently wakes her up and wakes her up with a kiss on the stomach. At that magical moment, Poppy suddenly woke up, her fingers and toes also moving after a period of deep coma.

More surprisingly, Poppy’s recovery was so quick it was almost unbelievable. Shortly after, she was allowed to leave the hospital and go home. I started to learn to talk, crawl, and really play with my sister.

Doctors cannot explain why a dying 2 year old patient can regain consciousness and miraculously recover from a kiss on the abdomen. Before that, they even prepared for my departure. Could it be that on Christmas Day of that year God would come and bring a miracle to Poppy’s family.

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