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The American Erickson Education Institute cooperates with the CCP

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US media reported that the Erickson Institute for Child Development of the United States has established a “long term cooperative relationship” with an organization of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and published publications including “The rhymes show the core of socialist values” and the magazines praised Xi Jinping and Marx.

On May 3, National Pulse reported that the Erikson Institute, one of the most important graduate schools in the United States, specializes in educating teachers and making an impact on classroom curriculum. into child development research.

The Erikson Institute offers curriculum and degrees to educators and social workers, and recognizes “individuals who influence childhood policy and create projects for children and families. , including government officials, project managers, advocates and funding officials ”based on the group’s research.

However, in 2017, the Erickson Institute signed a partnership agreement with China Children’s Press & Publishing Group (CCPPG). The Consul General of the CCP in Chicago, Mr. Hong Lei (Hong Lei) attended the event and praised this “long term cooperative relationship” as representing “a new channel of cultural and educational exchange” among Stakeholders.

China Children’s Publishing & Press Corporation is the official magazine publishing agency for the CCP Young Pioneers.

This CCP tabloid’s mission statement instructs readers to “Serve the Young Pioneers, meet the needs of the staff,” and to develop a “active grassroots level.” The corporation operates the CCP Youth Pioneers’ Central News website, as well as more than a dozen other children’s party newspapers and magazines, such as the “China Youth Daily”.

In addition, China Children’s Press & Publishing Group publishes “Think like a great mind: Teenagers read Marx”, implementing the goal of “disseminating and maintaining theories. of Marx, Lenin, Mao Zedong, and Deng Xiaoping “regulated by the CCP government. The publisher has also published “100 Core Values ​​for Children”, describing itself as “a collection of inspirational rhymes that embody the core values ​​of socialism”.

The book’s summary adds: “The connotation of socialist core values ​​allows children to understand and practice socialist core values ​​from an early age.”

The group also promotes the book “Teenagers Reading Marx”. The book’s trailer describes Marxism as “lively and interesting; Like the wind and spring rain, which will bring rebirth to all creatures and man, “there are also statements like” Why the Soviet version of socialism failed, and capitalism Nor did the West succeed? ”.

An editor’s suggestion wrote: “The reason our voices are unattractive and our team is incapable of fighting is because we did not think and fight like Marx”.

The corporation has published a parenting book of essays from the “Beijing Youth Daily” (the mouthpiece newspaper of the Municipal Communist Youth League). In addition, the publisher is also responsible for disseminating the “Story of Xi Jinping” (Youth Edition), a summary of this book intended to promote the CCP leaders’ stories in order to ” establish a right worldview ”for children.

The Erickson Institute also sends educators to China to participate in educational conferences at the state-owned East China Pedagogical University.

While cooperating with the CCP, this Chicago-based research institute doubled down on the “commitment” to the social justice doctrine in its resources, promising to use its resources to “Demolish systematic and institutional racist structures”.

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