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The Attorney General considers suing Mr. Biden for the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen is calling on Joe Biden to reconsider the revocation of permits to build the Keystone XL pipeline and said he and 14 other Attorney General are reviewing existing lawsuits to “Protect our residents and the interests of national sovereignty.”

Mr. Biden revoked the Keystone pipeline license on the first day of his inauguration to fight “climate change”. Republicans and some Democrats opposed the move, while environmentalists supported it, claiming it brought in Canadian oil produced from carbon-rich tar.

In a letter to Mr. Biden, Attorney General Knudsen said the decision would “cause serious harm to many of our states and local communities. … Your decision will eliminate thousands of well-paid jobs, many of which are union jobs. ”

“Montana could lose $ 58 million in annual taxes, meaning there will be less money for schools and public services,” Mr. Knudsen continued.

Mr. Biden said the project was against the national interest of the United States and that continuing to allow the project to operate “would not match any of the Government’s economic and climate goals.”

Mr. Knudsen protested, saying that high-paying “green” jobs did not exist yet.

“It’s bad enough for the government to choose winners and losers in the market, but much worse when the winners are ambitious,” he said. “Ambition doesn’t put food on the table, pay phone bills, or send kids to college. And he eliminated thousands of jobs with just a single stroke. “

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin also agreed with the Attorney General’s proposal. He wrote to Mr. Biden asking to reverse the decision on the Keystone XL pipeline.

Manchin argues that pipes like the Keystone XL are “the safest way to transport our oil and natural gas resources and that they create thousands of union’s well-paid jobs. America.”

“I encourage you to reconsider the decision to revoke cross-border permits for the Keystone XL pipeline and take into account the potential impacts of any other action on energy safety, employment and security. , ”He said.

In addition to Mr. Manchin, another Democratic Senator, Mr. Jon Tester also expressed his opposition to this executive decree of Mr. Biden.

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