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The beautiful village in Italy for sale for the house for less than 1 USD, also sponsors more money

Has anyone ever fantasized about living in an interesting, new or different country? However, you do not have a large enough amount to deposit a block of real estate. If so, then Italy is likely to be the right destination for you.

Why do you say that? in fact, in Italy there is a small village in the autonomous region of Sicily named Troina. It is for sale (or rather free) homes at extremely affordable prices, on the condition that buyers are willing to repair and renovate them.

But what if we don’t have the money to renovate the house? Also do not worry because this village will support buyers about 22 thousand pounds for remodeling.

This is not something that seems to be just a dream, nor a trick at all. Italy has done this in the past in an effort to drive population growth and tax-paying businesses.

Troina does not bring the bustle and bustle of the city. Here, people just walk, watch the stars, enjoy the mild climate with beautiful scenery.

(Photo via timesofindia)

If this is not enough, then for those who are tired of the busy pace of urban life, even worse today in the world situation affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Moving to a rural area in Italy will be nothing more than a tonic, helping us to heal the harm we face.

(Photo via lonelyplanet)

Troina is called “Sicily’s Balcony” because the village was built on a hilly area in the countryside. The houses here are undulating along the hills.

(Photo via CNN)

The idea of reviving the village was partly rooted in Mayor Sebastiano Fabio Venezia. He told CNN recently that he hopes the proposal will help promote commercial activity: “I want to revive this ancient area, and help it regain its lofty, noble appearance. when was the capital in Sicily of the Norman “.

While the proposal will attract the attention of people around the world who are bored of living in the cramped, crowded city scene, not everyone has the skills needed to carry out the renovation. home.

Homes are extremely affordable, provided buyers are willing to remodel and renovate them. (Photo via businessinsider)

In that case, it becomes more attractive to buy a home to live again than ever before, and these types of housing are also appearing in the proposal.

For only about 10 thousand euros, residents can deposit (and own) nearly habitable homes. Of course, for the mountain villages in Italy, the phrase “almost habitable” for houses here is likely to be the same as those in big cities like Rome, New. York or London.

(Photo via propertyguides)

If curious enough, readers can visit the website

for more information on what Mr. Venezia and his associates proposed. The homes will also be briefly listed on the website above.

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