The Bible Predicts the 2020 U.S. Elections

Do you know the best-selling books in the world? This is the “Bible”! Almost every household in the United States has one or more Bibles. Many people who read it more or less know that there are many stories in the book about the origin of God and the history of human development. But surprisingly, people have discovered that the Bible is a prophetic book with many hidden talents.

Kinh Thánh đã dự đoán về cuộc bầu cử năm 2020 của Hoa Kỳ (ảnh 1)The Bible predicts the 2020 US election. (Photo: Pixabay)

Of course, we know that the “Bible – Revelation” specifically predicts the future and speaks of the end of the world … Some have discovered that there are many amazing prophecies hidden throughout the Bible. Saint in encrypted form, which is the mystical “Biblical Code” (Torah).

There is a lot of speculation about the author of the Bible, legend has it that Moses received the “Bible” from God, above it he says “all words without interruption”, so everyone thinks that Heaven has hidden Bible prophecies.

Over the past three thousand years, people have tried to decode these codes, but all have failed. It wasn’t until the 18th century that the great physicist Newton finally made a big breakthrough. It has been said that Newton was engrossed in the study of biblical cryptography. The manuscripts of his research are still kept in the Hebrew Museum in Jerusalem. There are thousands of pages full of recipes.

These formulas are designed to calculate the secrets of numbers hidden in the Bible, stakeholders said. What Newton left behind were many mathematical formulas, but no decoding results. After the appearance of the computer, the answer to this mystery was gradually revealed to the world.

Kinh Thánh đã dự đoán về cuộc bầu cử năm 2020 của Hoa Kỳ (ảnh 2)

Newton once said, “I have a fundamental belief in the Bible as the Word of God, written by inspired people. I study the Bible every day. (Photo: TH)

By chance, Rabbi Michael Weismander made an unexpected discovery in the book “The Old Testament – The Five Sutras”: he began to read from the opening code of the “Book of Genesis” (Genesis), ” “(Exodus),” Leviticus “,” Numbers “and” Deuteronomy “, for every 50 letters recorded, will receive five letters T, O, R, A and H, related will be from the single English word” The Five Sutras of Moses “- Torah. This pronunciation is called “equilibrium character” by Weismander. He claims to have collected many terrible predictions in the “Bible”.

Weismander’s discovery left an important clue for future generations. Mathematician Eliyahu Lips and physics professor Doron Weitztum at the Hebrew University of Israel made even more astonishing discoveries based on Weismander’s research.

They decoded five Hebrew “Bibles” written 3,000 years ago. They took all the punctuation and all the white space out of the Bible and restored it as “unbroken words that were connected by God” when God first gave Moses. Then every few letters choose a letter, then arrange these selected letters sequentially to form a new single word; then combine these single words to see what the results will be.

Of course, this word order combination can give a lot of results, so two math experts used a calculator to calculate different results. As a result, amazing things have come to light, and the combined results reveal many things that have happened in the past.

For example, this passage from the Bible: “Rips ExplAineD that each codE is a case of adding Every four, twelfth or fiftieth to form a word”, you will receive an implied message every four letters. next: “READ THE CODE”. After finding a keyword, it will be based on this keyword and then from the surrounding paragraphs, find words related to the interlaced keyword, that is to say the message of the prophecy.

That way, if the word “Hitler” is combined, words like “massacre”, “catastrophe” and “devil” will appear in a diagonal spelling; If the word “Kennedy” is combined, words like “murder” and “death” will appear respectively.

In this way, they combined the names, titles, birthdays and deaths of over 60 world-famous Jewish priests, shaking everyone up. Of course, some people are also skeptical, feeling a bit pressured, after all, these are things that have happened, maybe by chance. However, the event below also comes as a surprise to those who disbelieve.

In the 1990s, American journalist Michael Derosnin interviewed these two professors and compiled a set of methods for decoding the Bible based on their research. In 1994, Derosnin accidentally used the name of an “assault” person at the time – Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin for an experiment.

He searched for the word “Ytzhak Rabin” for certain letters in the Bible and found that the name appeared once, at a distance of 4,772 letters each time. So he searched the entire Bible, took one letter every 4,772 letters, and finally found “Assassin will kill” at the intersection of the word “Ytzhak Rabin”, then searched again. see “Amir”. In this way, words such as “Murdered Rabbit”, “Tel Aviv” and “5756” can also be found. According to the Jewish calendar, 5756 is the equivalent of 1995.

Derosnin was stunned, it was clearly a prophecy: Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin would be assassinated, the assassination site was Tel Aviv, Israel. The assassin’s name is Amir and the assassination will take place the following year, 1995. So he quickly contacted the Israeli government and conveyed this terrible prophecy to Rabin.

However, this is the second time that Yitzhak Rabin is elected Prime Minister, with great fame, in that year he just won the Nobel Peace Prize, the atmosphere was scorching, so he did not paid much attention to this baseless prophecy. . As a result, on November 4, 1995, Rabin was indeed shot dead by a Jewish extremist during a peace rally in Tel Aviv, and the name of the murderer, Amir, was exactly the same. prophesy!

Kinh Thánh đã dự đoán về cuộc bầu cử năm 2020 của Hoa Kỳ (ảnh 3)
Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. (Photo: Jpost)After this event, Derosnin gained confidence, actively decoded and published the book “Bible Code” in 1997. When the book was published, it shocked the market. Experts and scientists from all walks of life began to participate in the decoding. Let’s see what prophecies have been decoded in the “Bible code”.In the “Book of Deuteronomy”, the Great Depression of 1929 was decoded, including terms such as economic downturn, stock market, and the Great Depression. In the “Population Book”, it is about Edison and his inventions: Electricity and light.Another great scientist, Einstein, has been decoded in the “Population Book”. Words surrounding his name include: He overturned the existing scientific realities that heralded a man of great intelligence, a completely new and remarkable conscious intelligence.

In the “Book of Creation” find words related to Hitler including: villains, nazis and enemies, murder. The Book of Exodus found the code for Kennedy’s assassination and even mentions the location of his assassination in Dallas.

Besides a few famous personalities, like President Clinton, composer Beethoven, musician Mozart, artist Picasso, inventor brother Wright, there are hundreds of events that shocked the world, all of them. “Sealing” in biblical codes, from “World War II” to “Watergate”, from the Nazi atomic bomb killings in Hiroshima, from lunar landings to comets hitting the stars Carpentry, the Gulf War, the American bombing of the The Yugoslav embassy, ​​the earthquake in China … everything is in the fate, making us reflect and bear witness.

Many scientists have also started to pay attention to this phenomenon, hoping to know if this biblical code is true or just a coincidence. After verification by numerous mathematicians from Yale University, Harvard University, Hebrew University and three journals by the leading journal Statistical Science of the United States, confirmed that the probability the coincidence of the figure of the Bible is only 1 / 2.5 billion. The researchers then experimented with a higher difficulty and found that the probability of polymerization was as low as 1 / 50,000 billion, which means that the polymerization is close to zero and it is almost impossible to be a coincidence. .

Now the “Bible code” is hailed as the most accurate and truthful prophecy in human history. Of course, decoding this greatest merit belongs to Newton – the great physicist, who left behind many different calculation formulas.
Someone used Newton’s name to calculate and discovered that Newton’s name was next to the phrase “gravity”, and on the other side appeared “Bible Code Newton”, the phrase indicating the Newton code in the Bible. It turns out that Newton’s early discovery of gravity and attempts to crack the Bible code were foretold in the Bible.
It was later discovered that the reason Newton tried to find the secret was to calculate the timing of the judgment date. At the end of the 17th century, suddenly, some Christians proclaimed themselves prophets sent by the Lord, shouting everywhere “the end of the world is coming”. As a pious Christian, Newton believed that the world mentioned in the Bible would have an end of the world, that is when Jesus came to judge, but no one knew what day it was, it was this. that he has done. try to use a scientific method to calculate the end of the world.
So when does Newton think the end of the world will come? According to the manuscripts on display in the museum, Newton predicted that the end of the world would take place in 2060. He also predicted that plague and war would come with the end of the world. It’s terrifying.
But Newton also recalled that at the same time disaster struck, a Saint like Jesus would come to save ordinary people. As to how this Saint saved people, Newton did not elaborate, but Newton wrote this sentence in the last years of his life: Whatever the circumstances, keep the truth and the greater commandment of salvation. redemption of Jesus, love everyone as me. Maybe what Newton wanted to tell everyone was that just keeping an honest heart could be saved by God.
Of course, some people think that an event won’t happen until 2060, who knows if it’s true or not. Don’t rush to say this, indeed, someone has used the biblical code to decipher some major recent event that is about to happen, at which point we can verify that it is ultimately correct or not. What this crypto has deciphered is a huge global event, which is the US election in November of this year.
Israeli “Hebrew Bible” cryptographer Glazerson used software to search for hidden Torah messages several months before the 2016 US presidential election and successfully predicted that Trump would be elected President of the United States.
Glazerson uses this special software to search for words related to the current situation. He found that the corresponding results are concentrated in the fourth chapter of the “Population Book”, which includes the word “corona”. He discovered that the word “corona” was related to “United States” (United States).
The phrase “he will save,” he said, appears twice in the graph, and the word “plague” naturally appears on the graph in unencrypted form. He also discovered that the word for “corona” and “United States” is “Trump”, and that the word adjacent to Trump’s name is the word “president” in Hebrew, often translated as “leader.”
In addition, the word “president” surrounded by “two” (two) may designate a second term. The most interesting thing is that this word is adjacent to the word meaning 5780. In the Jewish calendar, the year 5780 is this year, 2020.
Kinh Thánh đã dự đoán về cuộc bầu cử năm 2020 của Hoa Kỳ (ảnh 4)
US President Donald Trump. (Photo: CNN)
Some people think this bible code is quite mysterious, but in fact it is not so much, the ancient Chinese guessed the new word called magical mysticism, just write some words arbitrarily, The teacher can see through the handwriting that a person’s fate can be accurately guessed.
Legend has it that before Ly Tu Thanh attacked the imperial capital, Emperor Sung Trinh disguised himself from the palace to find the master destined to guess the words, he hastily uttered the word “Huu” (友) ( friends), The fortune teller thought for a moment and then said, “Guest, this is not good. Looking at the comma of the word ‘Huu’, covering the walk, it becomes ‘betrayal’, I’m afraid that” treason “is about to appear”.
Sung Trinh finished listening, extremely surprised, said in a hurry, you misheard, I said “good” (有) (yes). The digital master sighed again: “This word is even less fortunate. You see, the upper set “Đại” (大) has no comma, the lower one is “Minh” without a part. Based on this, it is assumed that Dai Minh will lose half of it. “
Sùng Trinh immediately changed to another word, the word “Rooster” (酉) in “Body, Rooster, Tuat, Pig”. He said, “Objectively, absolutely not to speak. It looks like the Dai Minh mountain range is over, you see this word ‘Rooster’, in the middle of the word ‘Ton’ ‘(尊) (high status), top without head, bottom without legs. ”As a result, shortly after Ly Tu Thanh attacked the capital, Sung Trinh hanged himself.
It seems that it is a biblical code or a word for fate, it shows that in the dark realms everything has been arranged, for beings like us, how to keep our destiny well in the fate. is the most important thing.

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