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The Biden government banned the use of the term “Wuhan virus”, “Chinese virus”.

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A Jan. 26 memo from the Biden administration said he would ban “racist and xenophobic” terms, including words like ‘Wuhan virus’, ‘Chinese virus’ which itself The old permissions are often used.

According to the memorandum, the terms “provocative and xenophobic endanger individuals, families, communities and businesses in the United States of Asia and the Pacific.”

“The federal government must admit that it has played a role in promoting these xenophobic views through the actions of political leaders, including endorsements,” Biden said. COVID-19 pandemic depending on its geographic location. “

“Such statements have raised unfounded fears and stigmatized Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and have contributed to increasing rates of intimidation and harassment. And hostile actions towards the people of this region.” , indicates the memo.

The memorandum states that government departments and agencies should ensure that subsequent official actions, documents and statements “do not represent or contribute to racism or xenophobia.” Against Asian Americans and Pacific Island Nations ”.

Federal agencies will need to check to see if “xenophobic” references such as the “Chinese virus” appear in current policies and guidelines or on government websites.

No political leader was named in the memorandum, but Biden’s predecessor Trump repeatedly used terms such as “Wuhan virus”, “Chinese plague” and “Kung flu” (pun intended) to describe the disease caused by the novel corona virus.

A week after testing positive for the Wuhan flu last year, President Trump said he was “in very good condition” and “I have overcome this terrible Chinese virus”.

At Mr Biden’s request, the Department of Health and Human Services was required to develop the language and culture related to COVID-19, as well as to issue broader guidelines regarding “the elimination of errors.” Racial thought ”.

Meanwhile, China, where the pandemic began, has repeatedly hinted that the United States may be the starting point for the Wuhan flu virus.

Prior to Biden’s new order, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview with Fox News: “It started in Wuhan, actually it was a virus from there and we know the Communist Party Chinese products have hidden it “.

Pompeo also said the Chinese Communist Party was pleased with the “softness” of the Biden administration.

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