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The Biden government considered building the border wall, the media on the left was silent

Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Mayorkas is said to be considering restarting the construction of the US-Mexico border wall to cover the unfinished “loopholes” under the Trump administration, the Washington Times. reporting.

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According to the Washington Times reported on April 5, this topic was brought up in a conversation between Mr. Mayorkas and officers of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

When asked about the plans for the wall, Mr. Mayorkas told staff that although Joe Biden ordered the cessation of construction, “it is still possible to make decisions” about completing some of the “holes. gap in the wall ”.

Citing the notes of the ICE session, the Washington Times reported that Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which is in charge of overseeing the construction of the wall, has submitted a plan for future construction. hybrid.

“That is not the only answer to a single question. There are various projects that the head of the Border Patrol presented and the CBP commissioner presented to me, ”Mr. Mayorkas told ICE staff.

The head of the Homeland Security agency suggested that specific areas of the wall need improvement, and that specific projects to be completed would be considered.

Those parts include “gaps”, “gates” and areas “walls that have been completed but the technology has not been deployed yet,” said the Washington Times, Mayorkas said.

Mark Morgan, who served as an acting CBP commissioner under former President Donald Trump and a fierce critic of the current administration, has criticized Mayorkas’ comments as “twisted and going in the wrong direction ”.

Meanwhile, a series of left-wing media were silent on the above information from Mr. Mayorkas.

Former President Trump has completed about 460 miles of the border wall, with only a few unfinished areas.

According to the Washington Times, a recent poll conducted by the Senate Opportunity Fund found that 53% of respondents favor building the border wall.

Mr. Biden’s cessation of construction made the Department of Homeland Security manage to figure out what to do next. However, the Washington Times said that legal issues could force Mr. Mayorkas to continue building.

By law, when Congress allocates money for a purpose, the government must do so unless efficiency is questioned or when the president formally sends a request to stop doing it.

The US Congress for the past four years has allocated 1.375 billion dollars per year to the wall, including the current fiscal year. Now Republican MPs have asked the Government Accountability Office to consider whether the suspension of construction of Mr Biden’s border wall is legal.

Before the news, in an interview on Newsmax on April 6, former President Donald Trump said he was happy that the wall was being considered to restart, but said that Biden “is not the one to make decisions. . “

Mr Trump told Heather Childers on “American Agenda”: “There was a lot of damage, we were almost done building the wall, it was delayed for two and a half years because of the lawsuits … If [the Biden administration] ] completing it – and only a little more to be done – if they’re going to get it done then that’s a great thing, it’s a very positive step. ”

His 46th presidency so far has faced speculation about his ability to run at the age of 78. He stumbled twice while on the plane; waiting for more than 2 months to hold the first press conference with “friendly reporters”, in which he used reminder cards and muttered many meaningless sentences.

“I hope he’s fine, I hope everything is fine, both physically and mentally,” Mr Trump said of Mr. Biden.

Mr. Trump has used exaggerated words to describe the presidency, a task he says is extremely demanding on anyone.

“When I say‘ full-time ’, it means 50 hours a day, lots of things,” Mr. Trump said.

While admitting that he has no inside information about the inner workings of the Biden administration, as an observer, Mr Trump argues that Mr. Biden is not the one to make the decisions.

“I think other people are making the most of the decisions,” Trump said.

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