The blind dog is helped by a tiny companion

 A golden retriever named Tao, who lives in Somerset, is blind due to glaucoma. Therefore, the owner brought a little friend to accompany and guide the dog Tao. And the two have become an inseparable perfect couple!

After an 11-year-old golden retriever named Tao lost his eyesight due to glaucoma last year, owner Melanie Jackson bought him a cute ruffled friend named Oko.

The 16-week-old Oko has become Tao’s real companion, and acts as a guide for the poor blind dog.

Since then, residents of Shepton Mallet, Somerset (UK) often see the tangerine couple playing and walking together throughout the day. The cute couple even has their own Instagram page, where owner Jackson regularly updates the information of the two dogs for fans around the world!

Guide dog Oko and Tao, dog lost eyesight due to glaucoma. (Caters News)

Ms. Jackson said: “I was diagnosed with glaucoma. It happened too quickly because it was fine in the morning, but at night Tao kept shaking his head, showing that he was in pain. hours later, Tao went blind and his eyes were cut off! “.

Ms. Jackson said the doctor informed the family that Tao’s second eye would also need to be removed, and the surgery was performed in January this year.

I’m adorable with my cute tour guide, Oko. (Caters News)

A very loving and caring owner for the poor dog, Ms. Jackson taught Tao new commands to help the dog gradually adapt to his blindness.

Even though Tao is doing well, Miss Jackson still feels something is missing. So she found Tao a furry friend for company.

“We were surprised when Tao started walking up and down stairs by himself just three days after surgery,” said Ms. Jackson.

“But I feel that he still needs a friend to help and play with, because now he can no longer see.”

“I followed Oko around the fields and the two kids slept side by side,” Jackson said. (Caters News)

Ms. Jackson is currently training Tao so that he can follow his cute little “mentor”, Oko, to help him “stay out of any danger.”

“I followed Oko around the fields and the two kids slept side by side,” Jackson said.

Jackson said her two beloved golden hounds formed the sweetest relationship ever. Fans can watch the adorable duo playfully playfully on their Instagram page!

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