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The crowd holding Mr. Trump’s flag welcomed Mr. Biden to Texas

Twitter video screenshots show Trump supporters
“welcome” Mr. Biden to visit Texas.

US President Joe Biden and First Lady arrived in Texas more than a week after the unusually cold weather left many in the South Central state in a blackout and dehydration.

Video circulated on Twitter showed supporters of former President Donald Trump holding a flag with the name of Mr. Trump and the flag lined up on the side of the road when Mr. Biden arrived at the Houston food bank on Friday. US time).

The tweet read: “Happens now: As President Biden prepares to land in Houston, two separate protest groups are near the Houston Food Bank. One is to highlight what’s going on with Tigray (a region in Ethiopia), the other two are supporters of former President Trump. The Houston police are making sure everything is safe.

On the other side of the street was a group of people holding slogans calling for the cessation of genocide at Tigray.
Gateway Pundit’s Deputy Editor-in-Chief Cristina Laila commented: “No one in the crowd supported Biden even though he had 81 million votes.”

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