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The death row inmate did not die from 18 poisonous doses, but died from Covid-19

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An inmate in the US state of Ohio was sentenced to death for rape and murder. Law enforcement gave him 18 lethal injections while serving the death penalty in 2009, but the death row inmate did not die. Until recently, he died of infection with the Covid-19 virus.

According to the Associated Press, a man named Romell Broom (64) was sentenced to death for the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl in 1984.

On September 15, 2009, Ohio state law enforcement executed the death sentence on the death row inmate, but enforcement staff spent two hours without finding a suitable vein. inject and even though he was injected with 18 fatal injections, but only made him cry in pain, but could not overcome him.

After that, inmate Romell was returned to the cell, he appealed to the Supreme Court through a lawyer to seek amnesty for the second execution, but was unsuccessful.

During his execution in 2015, the trial officer teamed up with Romell to find his luck, but the results were still no different from the previous time, he survived anyway.

Romell’s most recent execution was originally attributed in June 2020, but Ohio Governor Mike DeWine ordered a delay until March 2022 on the grounds that the needles could not be found.

Ohio is currently suspending execution of the death penalty because DeWine said the state couldn’t find the deadly needle, so it had no choice. He argued that lawmakers must choose a new method of serving sentences.

Since the Wuhan pneumonia virus broke last year, the epidemic has become severe in many parts of the United States. Many inmates were also infected, including this “high-life” inmate Romell. Finally, he died on December 28 from an infection with the Covid-19 virus.

According to official information from the state of Ohio, 124 prisoners died because they were suspected of being infected or positive for the Wuhan pneumonia virus.

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