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The devastation of the Covid vaccine: nearly 3,900 deaths in the United States and Europe

Increasing side effects have been reported in people who have received the Covid-19 vaccine including fatalities. According to the report, 1,095 people died in the US and 2,787 in the European Union.

Other types of adverse reactions reported in the United States included a total of 19,907 and in Italy 27,917, while in the EU the European Medicines Agency (EMA) website publishes 34,733 out of a total of 86,439 alone. in these countries, according to the Italian media outlet GOSPA NEWS on March 6.

In addition to anaphylaxis, or acute, life-threatening allergic reactions, people who received vaccines from the three major vaccine companies, including Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca, also had other adverse reactions. These include gastrointestinal bleeding, nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular system disorders and, in addition, a large number of symptoms of infection, including those caused by Covid-19 itself.

The cases in Italy are alarming to author Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio, who said they “are not only worrying but also alarming to Italy as the number of undesirable side effects has even exceeded. too the United States, home to 328 million people compared to 60 million Italians ”.

For Italian journalist Cesare Sacchetti, Virus really is not Covid-19. Viruses are vaccines, according to a series of tweets.

According to the CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s side effect report, 966 out of a total of 19,769 people died after receiving the mRNA-tested Covid vaccine. The mortality rate is up to 5%. Covid’s death rate was only 0.13%. Right. There is a virus that is deadly but it is not Covid. That is the Covid vaccine, which he concluded on the numbers he gave on March 7.

The day before, he also presented data on the adverse and fatal reactions of vaccines to those taking them.

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