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The director of the Italian defense corporation shocked the Biden campaign to steal votes

Left: Former director of information technology at Italian aerospace company Leonardo SpA Arturo D’Elia (photo: f6s); Right: (photo: iStock)

The shocking oath by former head of the IT department of the Italian aerospace company Leonardo SpA, confirmed his participation in a line of large-scale election fraud, thereby creating a fraudulent US-elected president.

“On 4 November 2020, under the guidance and direction of US staff working at the US Embassy in Rome, [D’Elia] undertook a change of election data in the US on November 3, 2020 in an attempt to pass a significantly different win of Donald Trump to Joe Biden in some states where Joe Biden is leading in terms of total votes, ”a document cited by the Bucalupo media on 7/1 said.

Arturo D’Elia has acknowledged the charges against him in Naples, Italy, which included “manipulating data and installing viruses on Leonardo SpA’s basic computers”, according to the text. signed by attorney Alfio D’Urso and published by journalist Lara Logan in a tweet January 7.

Defendants are not only willing to explain the details of the case, but also volunteered to help in the investigation process, provided they get the necessary protection for themselves and their family.

As a precaution, he submitted a backup copy of the original and post-change election data in a secret location, in the event that a court required the submission of these data.

The defendant in fact began to report on December 5. The defendant said he not only changed Biden’s vote data, but also hacked and stole confidential information from 94 other computers owned by Leonardo, according to sharing on the Glock Talk forum on January 7.

Italian officials have been following this man for a long time and have been collecting evidence against him since 2017, before he was arrested by the police.

“Italian police said on December 5 that at least 10 gigabytes of confidential data was stolen from Leonardo between 2015 and 2017 through a malware installed on the targeted computers. pepper, ”Reuters reported on December 22, although there was no mention of the scandalous election fraud.

The Italian defense company Leonardo is the 11th largest company in the world, and the surprising thing is that D’Elia carried out such a large-scale operation without the knowledge of the Italian government.

Attorney Sidney Powell once reported that the Dominion vote counters sent illegal results to a server located in Frankfurt, Germany, in order to change the number of votes, increase for Biden and decrease for President Trump.

As reported on January 6, former senior CIA officer Bradley Johnson stated in an interview that the confiscated servers in Frankfurt, Germany, are under the control and manipulation of the US embassy. in Rome, according to Italian journalist Cesare Sacchetti on December 29, 2019.

He also said that on the night of November 3, a man from the US State Department who was directly involved in the scam was present at the embassy and under the supervision of Italian police. He has included a photo of the man in the interview video.

“In this scenario, forces plotting to overthrow have infiltrated the US government, and the government has planned a coup against their own commander-in-chief,” said Sacchetti.

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