video:The dog arrested 2 robbers, repaying the staff of the gas station

Randy dog at the Tamaulipas gas station, Mexico. (Photo:

This golden dog named Randy has now become a member of a gas station in Mexico, was a hungry stray dog and in a state of fear the dog was taken care of by gas station staff. and love, unexpectedly many years later, becomes a hero to save its master from thieves.

Two years ago, this pale yellow little dog was so thin he found his ribs still shy from bullying from other feral dogs.

At first, this stray dog seemed elusive and tried to run away when gas station staff approached, proving that he was frequently mistreated before, which made him afraid of people. But the staff here went out of their way to earn the dog’s trust and give him a sense of security, loving comfort.

“We feed it, bathe it and vaccinate it too” – said Gerardo Aguilar, the director of the gas station. “Then we kept the dog here too, now not only me, but he’s taken care of by all the staff here.”

And no one thought little Randy would ever pay them back …

“New member” of the gas station. (Photo:

One day, as it was dark, two masked thieves brought weapons to the gas station, pushed staff inside, and revealed where to keep the money. When the employee refused to testify, they immediately attacked him, punched him and pinned him to the ground.

Luckily Randy, a dog sleeping in a warehouse at a nearby gas station, awakened by unusual noises, rushed towards the two thieves, attacking without hesitation that scared them away.

Randy’s brave action was also recorded by the gas station’s camera:

“We were really surprised by Randy’s action and we are also very proud of it,” said Aguilar. “If Randy weren’t here no one could have predicted what the consequences would be, dog. Showed us how grateful and happy he was to be with us.”

When Randy is no longer busy being a “hero,” he makes everyone at the gas station forget the fatigue of work by licking his hands or wagging his tail to greet visitors. And it is also one of the factors that helps the gas station to attract more customers.

The image of “hero” Randy enthusiastically welcoming guests to the gas station was recorded and posted on his personal page by a guest. (Photo:

Nuria Arellano, a regular customer at the gas station, said she stops frequently because she wants to see the adorable Randy there, which she can’t see at other gas stations. And she also hopes the story of the dog Randy inspires many gas stations and other stores to adopt poor, ownerless stray dogs like Randy.

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