The dog is famous for having a tail that grows on its forehead

On November 9, in Missouri (USA), the abandoned little dog Narwhal was found frozen by the Mac’s Mission animal rescue station. However, what made the rescuers even stranger was that Narwhal had two tails, one of which was in the center of his forehead.

Chú chó trở nên nổi tiếng nhờ có đuôi mọc trên trán
Narwhal is a puppy that was found in Missouri’s Mac’s Mission, the nonprofit dog rescue organization. (Photo: Mission Mission Mac)

When Narwhal was found by the rescue team, she was with another dog, possibly Narwhal’s father. The two dogs were then rescued and the big dog is called Poppa Smurf, belonging to the Daschund Terrier. Therefore, they speculated that Narwhal may also have been a Daschund dog.
The name Narwhal was also given to him by the personnel of the rescue station, with his full name “Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn” (translation: Narwhal – the magical unicorn).
The reason for calling Narwhal a “little unicorn” is because its tail looks like a unicorn. However, if a unicorn in the wild had a fang that protruded like ivory, then Narwhal was different.
He has a short, plump tail resting on his forehead, which can be squeezed left or right whenever Narwhal shakes his head mischievously, but it’s just a tail that grows and can’t run.

Chú chó trở nên nổi tiếng nhờ có đuôi mọc trên trán

He has a short, plump tail that rests on his forehead, which can be crossed left or right whenever Narwhal playfully shakes his head. (Photo clip)

The vets took x-rays for Narwhal to check and found that this particular tail was not connected to anything in the body. It didn’t function like a real tail, nor did it cause pain or discomfort for Narwhal.
Therefore, doctors have no reason to remove it, and the tail on the narwhal’s forehead is still held up as a peculiarity of the dog.
“Narwhal doesn’t mind the unicorn-shaped tail, the dog is also agile and plays like a normal dog.”
At the same time, caregivers at the Mission’s Mac Rescue Station also said the frost damage to the narwhal is now recovering quickly.
“The narwhal appears to be in perfect health and it is not the same as taking a worm killer dog,” the animal rescue organization announced on Facebook.

Chú chó trở nên nổi tiếng nhờ có đuôi mọc trên trán

The narwhal is 10 weeks old and recovering from a frostbite in one leg. (Photo: Mission Mission Mac)

While no one knows what happened to Narwhal and his father before, the Mac’s Mission spokesperson said:
“The Narwhal dog comes from the countryside of the Midwestern Missouri; He loves to joke. After the special tail made him so popular on social media, Narwhal now has a fan base of over a thousand people. “
Ms Steffen, founder of Mac’s Mission, said her organization had received hundreds of letters suggesting adopting the narwhal. However, she decided not to give Narwhal to anyone, for fear that with her strange features, Narwhal would be exploited and turned into a money-making tool.

Chú chó trở nên nổi tiếng nhờ có đuôi mọc trên trán

Miss Steffen adopted the narwhal. (Photo: Mission Mission Mac)

Ultimately, in order for Narwhal to always have a family of her own, Ms. Steffen decided to take the dog to her house.

“At first I had no intention of adopting a dog… But I didn’t want Narwhal to be treated any differently from a normal dog, just because of his difference. So now I have decided to train him to be a therapeutic dog to help patients.

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