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The dog rushed in snatched the microphone of a TV reporter in Russia

The dogs are often very mischievous and playful, recently a reporter in Russia was surprised A dog jumped up and stole the microphone in his hand while it was on the live broadcast, interrupting the show. This “thief in the middle of the day” was recorded by the camera.

When this happened, Mir TV reporter Nadezhda Serezhkina was talking about the spring weather on a live weather forecast, unexpectedly she just finished the prologue. Yellow feathers burst in and jumped up to steal the microphone in her hand.

Ms. Nadezhda hurriedly chased the dog to get back the microphone. At this time, the live broadcast was interrupted, causing the studio curator Ms. Elina Dashkueva to immediately save her by saying that “the station’s connection with the reporter was interrupted”, they would quickly contact get lost with her.

Ms. Elina’s “stunned” expression said she did not expect this to happen.

Not long after that, Ms. Elina told the audience that they had reconnected with the reporter and would switch the scene to Nadezhda who is in Moscow.

At this point, Ms. Nadezhda had recovered the microphone, but there was a streak of the dog’s teeth on it and it also appeared on the screen with her, but now she was very obedient, sitting beside her, petting and listen to her host.

According to Russian media reported, when the incident happened, the dog was walking with its owner but there was no leash on the neck. He liked the microphone that looked like the toy that Ms. Nadezhda held in her hand so she ran to her.

However, this dog made netizens feel very excited, it quickly became “famous dog” on social networks in Russia.

Netizens joked, “The microphone looks like an ice cream stick, so how can I blame this cute puppy?” Someone also jokingly said: “Obviously Russian microphones are made of bacon.”

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