Poor Pip is not allowed to return to Australia with his owner (Screenshot: Instagram).

“I heard that a family living on a boat abandoned their dog and returned to Australia,” Steinberg told CNN Travel. But as soon as I spoke to them, I realized that there was nothing they could do about this situation. I thought badly for their family ”.
While Steinberg was taking care of Pip, Zoe would wake up at 4 a.m. daily to deal with the papers related to Pip’s entry from the United States to Australia and to update messages from Pip on the Video calling and messaging.
“I always take pictures and post them on social media. At first, a lot of people were interested in Pip. Zoe shares.
Due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, Pip’s return to Australia encountered many obstacles. “You need an American test to show the dog is healthy and doesn’t have rabies,” Zoe explained. This work needs to be done in New York, and it is currently closed. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to complete the paperwork for Pip ”.
Steinberg also has to constantly bring Pip to his local vet for paperwork, vaccinations and blood tests in order to meet the requirements. When they finally got clearance to return Pip to Australia, Qantas, Australia’s top carrier, announced it was running out of capacity for its dogs on its flights.
After several phone calls, Zoe realized that the family could take Pip across New Zealand and try to get their dog on a flight from Los Angeles to Auckland by booking with the pet transport company of Jetpets company.
But they still had to get Pip from North Carolina to Los Angeles. Flights have been continuously canceled, and many US airlines do not allow the transport of pets from May through September. Zoe decided to post a social media post to find someone. Going from the east coast to the west.
Luckily, Melissa Young, who works for the Sparky Foundation, volunteered to cross America with Pip and hand her over to Jetpets. Airline staff stayed up all night taking care of all filing and paperwork before taking a flight from Los Angeles to Auckland.
Once Pip got on the plane, everyone who had cared for him, along with the Eilbecks, waited, carefully monitoring the flight’s route, fearing it might get lost again.
Pip arrived in Auckland on July 23 and was quarantined overnight before flying to Melbourne, and underwent another 10 days of quarantine (this is a must for all pets from overseas to Australia (it will fly to Sydney on August 3). Unfortunately, after the border between Victoria and New South Wales was closed, Pip’s return trip was again delayed.
Zoe’s brother Rob, who lives in Melbourne, agreed to take Pip to stay for a few days and the dog was booked in Sydney for no less than four flights, but all were canceled. Pip’s story has so far been researched by local media, and after an article in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, Virgin Australia stepped in and agreed to bring Pip home.
After a long separation, the Eilbecks family has been “reunited” (Screenshot: Instagram).

Pip finally arrived at Sydney Airport on August 11, and five months later the Eilbecks were reunited with Pip. A film crew and local journalists were also present.
“Our biggest fear is that she won’t remember us after all this time,” Zoe said honestly. But when Pip heard our voices, it hugged us. It’s great that he’s back after all this time.
After a long separation, the Eilbecks family was “reunited”. “I know he’s a dog, but we’re family,” Zoe said.