The dog is waiting for its owner at the hospital. (Photo:

According to the Daily Mail, in February, a 7-year-old dog followed the elderly owner to Taikang Hospital (Wuhan, China). After just 5 days, the owner passed away when he couldn’t resist the Wuhan virus.
Unaware of his master’s death, the faithful dog waited day after day in the hospital hall. During this time, the hospital staff fed him.
On April 13, after Wuhan lifted the blockade, the dog was taken to the hospital’s supermarket manager.
“The first time I saw this dog when I got back to work in mid-April. I called him Tieu Bao (little treasure),” said Mr. Wu, the owner of the supermarket.

Howling a loyal dog named Tieu Bao has been adopted by his new owner. (Photo: Daily Mail)

When he heard that Xiao Bao had been in the hospital for a long time to look for her owner, Mr. Wu was very touched, “She never left here. So emotional and too loyal. I became close to Xiao Bao and then I brought him back to the store ”.
On May 20, when the hospital was overcrowded, staff received complaints about Xiao Bao wandering the aisles.
The nurses contacted the Wuhan Small Animal Welfare Association. Currently, Tieu Bao is taken care of by veterinarians before looking for a new home.
The case of the Little Bao dog is just a tragedy among a few families in the heart of Wuhan. So far, the COVID-19 epidemic has broken out worldwide with 5,904,397 people infected; 361,998 deaths (updated 8:30 a.m. May 29, 2020) make the death toll in Wuhan much more skeptical than the reported figure is around 2,500.
On May 18, China reluctantly supported the investigation into the origin of the Wuhan virus, but on condition that it be carried out by the World Health Organization (WHO) and only after the end of the pandemic. China’s move came after 122 countries backed the draft resolution calling for traceability of COVID-19 and a “fair, independent and comprehensive” assessment of how the WHO has handled the pandemic. .