The dog walks 100 km during half a month to find the owner

A dog from Jiangsu Province (China) was adopted by an owner from a friend’s house, but he escaped and walked 100 km for half a month to find his owner with what he remembers. after being transported once by car. This made his owner extremely touched and promised that from now on he would never leave him again.
This one year old Golden Retriever dog named “Ping An” lives with his owner in Khoi Dong Town, Jiangsu Province. About 4 months ago, her owner was busy cultivating and building houses, so she didn’t have time to take care of him, so her daughter took her to her friend’s house in Tongzhou, at 100 km. Thanks for taking care of you. His friend really loves Binh An so he agreed to take good care of him.

However, about half a month ago, the dog Binh An disappeared from this friend’s house.

Early in the morning of October 26, a stray dog ​​came to the door of a business in Khoi Dong Town, unfortunately lying on the ground, his leg was injured and bloody, but it was not strange and very good.

Ms. Tu from this company has experience in dog breeding, so she checked the stray dog ​​and found that her body, ears and teeth were very clean, only her feet had a small injury. as he did not walk for long.

The company felt that leaving the dog outside the door was not a good thing either, and after feeding him, company employees quickly uploaded the photo for people to help them find its owner. .

Their message read: “Blond hair, woman. The body, ears and teeth were very clean, the legs were slightly injured, there was no bone problem. Human body, very good personality. Maybe it’s because the owner can’t be found so it’s a bit sad.

News of the search for an owner was quickly shared by the online community, and the “Binh An” foster family saw the image of the stray dog ​​that everyone shared, although it was a bit older. thin, but so was she Immediately recognizing that it was Binh An, he immediately brought some ID to take him home.

It turned out that in the past half month, the dog has driven 100 kilometers on his own to get home. The girl was very upset when she picked him up in the car. She and her mother were very emotional, a smart dog like this, “a life will never be separated again, must certainly treat it well.”

In the clip shared online, the owner of Binh An dog, stroking him, said, “It’s painful for you, just stay home in the future, I won’t send you again.

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