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The earthquake occurred after crows flew over the sky in Qinghai, China

In the last days of the year of 2020, Qinghai, China continuously appeared such phenomena as falling meteors, unusually red air, earthquakes and black crows, attracting the attention of many people. .

On February 6, Sound of Hope cited information from the China Seismic Network, a 4.2 magnitude earthquake that struck Mang Nhai Town, Hai Tay, Qinghai Province at 10:54 p.m., with an epicenter at a depth of 10 km. in the ground.

The Chinese seismic network reported that there was yellow sand around villages 20 km from the quake, no city within 20 km of the epicenter, and the nearest town, Lanh Ho, is 50 km away.

Mang Nhai official said the earthquake did not cause strong vibrations and so far no accidents or property damage have been reported.

A day earlier, on February 5, a Chinese netizen posted a video showing that in the central area of ​​Xining City, Qinghai Province, thousands of crows were flying in the sky, darkness covered.

According to comprehensive Chinese media reports, from late 2020 until Qinghai time, China has continuously experienced unusual natural phenomena.

On the morning of December 23, 2020, a meteorite fell from the sky in Ngoc Thu, Thanh Hai province. At 7:25 a.m. that morning, the Thanh Hai seismic network recorded an asteroid believed to have fallen in Nang Khiem district, the autonomous continent of the Ngoc Thu Tibetan ethnicity, Thanh Hai. Online video showed that after a loud noise in the distance, a large fireball suddenly crossed the sky, the dark sky was instantly lit up like day.

Russian firm Sputnik reported that on December 24, Russian Associate Professor of the Physics Department Sergei Zamozdra declared that the meteor that fell in China on December 23 was “a super asteroid with a very long radiation duration of about 29 seconds. It is almost tangent to the Earth, the angle between its orbit and the horizontal line is less than 10 degrees ”.

Yevgeny Zubko, a professor at Kyunghee University, South Korea, told Sputnik that the radius of the meteorite falling in China’s Qinghai Province is about 1 meter, which means it weighs more than 10 tons.

Some experts also believe it to be the biggest aviation event in China in decades.

Also on December 23, 12 hours after the meteorite fell, a mysterious cluster of pink light appeared in Duc Huyen Ha, north of Ngoc Thu, for 40 minutes. Internet users call it the “Red Moon”.

At 7:51 a.m. on December 24, a magnitude 4.2 earthquake occurred in Ma Da district, Qua Lac, Thanh Hai province, with the epicenter 7 km deep underground.

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