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The editor-in-chief Breitbart’s new book reveals the corruption in the US media

Alex Marlow – Editor-in-chief of conservative media Breitbart News and the cover of his new book ‘Breaking the News’ (Image source: Breitbart News).

Alex Marlow, editor-in-chief of Breitbart News – a conservative media channel in America, is about to publish a new book, “Breaking the News”. We know that in this book, Alex Marlow uses his first material (direct document) to reveal the surprising corruption and unpredictable deception of the “giants” of the media: America. This included reports that they were against Mr. Trump and their relationship with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

“American publishing giant” Threshold Editions announced that in May of this year it would publish Alex Marlow’s first book, “Hot News: Exposing Implicit Deals and Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and

The cover of the new book “Hot news” by Alex Marlow – editor of the US conservative news site Breitbart News. (Photo: Breitbart News).
“Threshold Edition” is a subsidiary of the famous American publisher Simon & Schuster, specializing in the editing of conservative and non-fiction publications.

Alex Marlow is Andrew Breitbart’s “goalkeeper” – founder of Breitbart News, and the young and senior editor of this emerging conservative medium.

Alex Marlow told Breitbart News: “I have always been devoted to researching major media companies in the United States and always keeping these documents secret. I found this shocked me even more. My whole career has been watching these players and these questions.

Details that determine success or failure, the book “Hot News” has over 1,000 notes that have been studied and read by the author.

Mr. Peter Schweizer – author, senior editor of Breitbart News, and founder and chairman of the Institute for Government Accountability Research (GAI), said: “Everyone wants to criticize the media. But few people understand the truth. Alex Marlow presented the facts one by one. “

Alex Marlow said: “The description of this book does not begin with a cursory view of the media. The “media giants” are militarizing “fake news” for the sake of the left, globalization and transnational corporations. They control most of our lives. “

From sticky relations to relations with China (the CCP), to the endless interweaving of lies and half-truths, this book clarifies one reality, which is the media. How ours became, that’s what makes people angry. “

Additionally, this book also deals with the truth behind the 2020 US General Election. The book says the media itself has been armed against President Trump and his supporters. “This is something that these forces (of the media) don’t want you to read,” says Alex Marlow.

Alex Marlow’s research team is known to have taken a deep interest in certain left-wing media, such as Bloomberg, CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the tech elite of Silicon Valley.

The results of their research are presented in the new book “Hot News”, which opens up political media on how to militarize news for their political and cultural purposes. These will open everyone’s eyes.

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