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The email revealed the possibility that Hunter Biden had a business relationship with President Xi Jinping

 The staggering revelations about the Hunter Biden and the infamous business dealings of the current US presidential family came to light in his interview with news columnist Jack Maxey.

Jack Maxey is Steve Bannon’s former Plague Chamber host, and was one of the first to see content in a laptop during the Hunter Biden scandal in October of last year.

Maxey revealed that Hunter Biden may have been doing business with Chinese President Xi Jinping, based on emails from this laptop. The contents of the letters also linked the Biden family to Chinese spies and the illegal business deals backed by Beijing. As the Biden family’s dealings with China worsened, Hunter may even have gone so far as to intentionally blame his father, now the current US President, Maxey said.

The content from the infamous laptop, first spotted in 2019 at a computer store near Biden’s home in Delaware, has been verified by Tony Bobulinkski, Hunter Biden’s former business partner. At least one important email has been authenticated by cybersecurity experts and law enforcement officials suggesting the laptop is likely real.

Maxey reaffirmed that the data in Hunter Biden’s laptop was actually “100% authentic”. “Several retired CIA agents were looking at it, a former NSA contractor, and cybersecurity experts,” he said. Everyone who has reviewed it has confirmed that it is 100% real.

“One person told me that, if we were to use all the resources of (CIA) for a decade, we wouldn’t be able to reproduce (fake) this data because there was too much metadata connecting everyone. stuff together, ”Maxey added, emphasizing the complexity of the information in this computer.

Meet Xi Jinping

“It seems that every time I trace a piece of information, I discover something even more terrible, every time,” Mr. Maxey discussed the files inside his laptop.

He mentioned Bohai Harvest RST Partners (BHR), a private equity fund that Hunter Biden and Devon Archer – a convicted criminal and friend of the family of Former Secretary of State under Obama John Kerry – founded with China’s top investment funds in 2014. Hunter Biden was not very successful before in the financial industry before founding BHR with the backing of the Bank of China (Bank of China).

“The problem is, these people (Hunter Biden) don’t understand anything about the private sector,” Maxey said. “Institutions like (banks) Goldman Sachs can never approve such transactions, and so we have to start asking, is it a [specific] access. ? “

Email to Devon and Hunter about Xi Jinping’s visit to Los Angeles (photo provided by Maxey to LifeSiteNews).

“I believe it is,” Maxey said. Maxey further revealed that the Biden and Archer partnership with BHR approached the highest level of leadership in the Chinese government.

According to an email provided by Mr. Maxey, BHR consulted with Biden and Archer to arrange a meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and potential business partners during Xi’s state visit. to the US in 2015.

The letter, sent to Biden and Archer in July 2015, from a BHR partner, writes:

“Following his conversation with Jonathan about President Xi’s possibility of arranging a visit to LeTV facilities in Los Angeles during his upcoming trip to the US in September of October 2015, Jonathan. and I had an interesting meeting with the founders of LeTV ”.

The letter also appears to be copied to send to Jonathan Li, a member of the BHR board. Jonathan Li had met Joe Biden on his official visit to China as vice president two years earlier. The meeting was arranged by Hunter Biden, and that time he accompanied his father during the visit, the New Yorker reported.

Once again during his presidency, Biden subsequently wrote a letter introducing Li’s son, according to emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“President Xi will make a stop in LA for his upcoming visit, when LeTV recently acquired an R&D center [in the US], pledging to invest between $ 3-5 billion for the research and design of electric cars and smart cars ”, the 2015 email sent to Biden and Archer had a paragraph.

“LeTV has asked us to arrange President Xi’s visit to their facilities, or if such arrangements cannot be made, (LeTV’s founder) Mr. Jia Yueting will speak at any of the meetings and Welcome, where President Xi is. ”

The email also mentions “one-time advisory fees for BHR” and “investment opportunities with LeTV and Beijing Motor Corporation (BAIC)” in exchange for organizing a “meet and greet. “. “More importantly, this will mark the beginning of a long and comprehensive partnership with LeTV and an opportunity to participate in all of LeTV’s future activities”.

It is not clear whether the events will unfold in the presence of Xi or Jia. Xi’s US visit in the fall of 2015, did not include an official stopover in California.

However, Maxey said: “When the son of the Vice President and his cheating partner are essentially defining the schedule for President Xi on a trip to the United States, with the purpose of using his In order to get access to American companies to sell to Chinese people, it is a [blatantly blatant] act of violation (the Foreign Representative Registration Act) to be believed ”.

Potential to violate national security

Other damaging links Maxey has detailed include Biden’s links to Chinese espionage activities. Although BHR’s plans with LeTV may never come to fruition, the Beijing-backed company is still trying to acquire sensitive US national security assets with an affiliated company. involved in spy attacks against the United States.

In September 2014, BHR acquired Michigan-based Henniges Automotive, a leader in anti-vibration technology: “Now, this company produces shock absorbers for cars, forces, tanks, … – obviously these components are related to national security, “Maxey said.

BHR completed the acquisition in cooperation with the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), a state-owned enterprise specializing in the manufacture of stealth fighter jets for the Chinese air force. AVIC also recently participated in a successful espionage scheme to steal US military technology.

The BHR-AVIC agreement, which has awarded AVIC a Controlling Shares in Henniges, requires approval from the US Foreign Investment Council (CFIUS), a cover committee Representatives of Cabinet-level agencies within the government include the State Department and the Department of Defense. The Obama administration authorized the transaction, which resulted in a Senate investigation that resulted in evidence of potential financial breaches by Hunter Biden and his uncle James Biden being gathered.

“What is really quite disturbing is that, for example, CFIUS’s assessment of the Detroit automaker’s takeover, it becomes clear from the emails that the Chinese know they are going to pass the review round CFIUS even ahead of Hunter and Devin and their third partner, Jimmy Bulger, ”says Maxey.

“Now, the other thing we feel stuck with when looking at this is, how did Hunter communicate with his managers in Beijing? How did he establish those relationships? ” Maxey continued.

Previously, LifeSite also reported that an email published by Maxey showed Hunter Biden suggested that a Chinese employee of BHR would “stay here, in Washington DC”, in the office of the company run by Hunter. and Christopher Heinz (the stepson of Minister Kerry) founded.

The text in the email read: “I think we all feel it is important for someone at this level to work full-time to support coordination of input and communication. US team to and from Beijing “and that” This will include monitoring of all transactions and advice that the US team can add value to, and timely updates to the North team. Experience our fundraising and other efforts ”.

This employee will have access to expense reports of Hunter and his partners, the email adds.

“We want to hire this person and he can start working from March 1. Once they have adapted to the job (10 days or more), he or she will come to China and stay there for 30 days or longer to work with the BHR team in Beijing, ”the letter said.

“They are going to send her to Beijing to take a liaison course for several weeks,” asked Jack Maxey. Why do we need to do that? To learn how to use Zoom and email? You have to do it in order to learn to do it in a cunning, concealing way.

Email from person named Kathy Chung (screenshot).

Maxey added that in 2012, Hunter Biden hired another employee, Kathy Chung, to be an assistant to his father who was then in the vice president position.

Email from Kathy Chung lists the phone numbers of senior US leaders (screenshot).

“This woman later became a messenger to Hunter’s office. For example, she sends an email with all the cell phone numbers of US leaders in the Senate and the House of Representatives, ”as well as those of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2015, Maxey said. .

“And from a espionage point of view, having the phone numbers of all these individuals in hand is a huge coup,” he continued.

Retired General Mike Flynn also gave a similar assessment on the email content of Kathy Chung, calling it “a” treasure trove of intelligence “. According to Politico, Chung remained on Biden’s team and took on a new role in the White House.

Information scandal

Joe Biden’s phone could also have been compromised, revealing large sensitive discussions with his debauched son stored on a computer.

Among Hunter Biden’s text messages, “there was a text-message discussion with his father. And over a period of about six months, much of it was fathers worries for a son who was clearly a drug addict, ”Maxey said. “But many times during that six or eight-month period, I believe that on three separate occasions, they discussed the charges against Hunter as someone who could potentially have abused one of the children himself. in the home or maybe more than one child. And at one point his father said, “Hey, Hunter, my agent told me that my cell phone might have been compromised, so it’s best not to talk about all this. in writing [for father] too ”.

“She’s gone, when you want to talk about this, call me directly,” an undated text, supposedly from Joe Biden, wrote. “Be careful what you text because your computer may be hacked,” the message added. Several other text messages reviewed by LifeSiteNews depict Hunter Biden’s alleged sexual abuse against minors (pedophiles).

“Now, that makes me more confident that Hunter is trying to get the others around him in the loop,” Maxey said, “because let’s say if my dad said to me like this,“ Hey, baby. I’m texting dad these things, daddy doesn’t want it on the phone, ‘I’ll probably delete that conversation. I definitely won’t store it on the phone. [and yet Hunter doesn’t do this]. And he kept getting this thing over and over again ”.

“From my point of view, he seemed to have contemplated that if he was in trouble, that laptop would take down everyone else [in the line] with him. I think maybe he was scared, when his partner in China (CEFC CEO Diep Gian Minh) disappeared, “Maxey added.

In 2018, Hunter’s top business relationships at China’s CEFC China Energy were caught up in a bribery scandal in Africa.

Patrick Ho, a CEFC executive who Hunter Biden describes as the “Chinese spy boss” in the leaked recording, was arrested in late 2017 and then jailed in New Zealand. York. CEFC Chairman Diep Gian Minh shortly thereafter “disappeared”.

Hunter Biden has worked closely with both Ho and Diep, and at one point agreed to represent Ho as private attorney on a $ 1 million contract.

Other members of the Biden family have also been linked to CEFC, according to email and testimony by Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s former business partner. A shocking email from 2017 authenticated by Bobulinksi describes a proposed structure for a CEFC-affiliated joint venture that divides a 10% return on ‘the big guy’. ”, A slang word that Bobulinksi claimed to be a reference to Joe Biden.

The details in the email mentioned “Family B” (screenshot).
Previous correspondence in 2017 also noted another agreement pursued by CEFC, this time in Oman, with the support of “Family B”.

“As I said, the Chinese are very interested in Hunter,” Mr. Maxey said. “I think even the highest levels, even within the trustworthy circle of the Chairman [Episode], think that Hunter Biden will be the thing that takes it all down because he is so irrational and depraved.”

The election is stolen

Maxey told the Westen Show: “I think one of the things the show’s audience should really understand, is that the FBI got this laptop on December 9, 2019, and because So, so far they’ve known all about this, for almost a year and a half, and if the American people should know about it, I’m sure there’s no way Joe Biden could even make the list. candidate in the primary election of the Democratic Party ”.

“And we have to ask ourselves why? Why don’t they reveal this to the American people? Why are they trying to cover up for Joe Biden? I think that’s a question to be answered, ”Maxey said.

Maxey also pointed to a letter signed by 50 former US intelligence officials, including Obama-era CIA directors John Brennan and Leon Panetta, claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop could be a part. of Russia’s campaign to spread false information. “For now, we know it was a complete lie,” Maxey said, arguing that the letter itself was an “election interference.”

“I am a hundred percent certain that, regardless of whether we have the perfect election (Biden), the American people won’t be able to vote for Biden if they know what I know in this case, and what the FBI has known since December 9, 2019 ”, Mexey concluded.

Maxey’s conversation about Hunter Biden’s laptop on John-Henry Westen show:

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