The fastest way to destroy a person is to leave them inactive

Someone once said that if you want to see an amazing person just watch what they are doing in their free time. In fact, this statement is completely correct.

The fastest way to destroy a person is to leave them idle. (Photo via Motogo)

There are some very busy people in this world who often take advantage of their free time to read, research or compose. But there are also people who do nothing all day, and in fact they are wasting their time.

Idleness is not a person’s blessing. On the contrary, the fastest way to destroy a person is to leave them idle.

Novelist Roman Rowland once said: “The biggest burden in life is not work, but boredom”.

Being idle makes us useless

There was a girl who, after graduating from college, applied to work in a large company with a fairly high level of education. This person kept thinking that such a life was peaceful. After finishing her work, she returned home quietly watching the drama.

Meanwhile, another coworker next to her is always very busy studying and studying after work, she often makes fun of this person, saying that educating others is not as good as her. It doesn’t matter how hard you try.

But even though their jobs are the same, they all have to go to work on time every day, do the same job, but it is only at the end of the day that you can discover whose talent is evident.

It is only at the end of the day that it will be possible to discover whose talent is evident. (Photo via gcleather)

Thus, after five years, under the influence of the professional situation, the company faces reforms and layoffs of employees. Even though she is highly educated, she is suddenly on this list.

It was then discovered that, facing the younger generation, their physical strength and mentality were not enough, but the experience accumulated over the years was at the heart of it.

Even though she graduated 8 years ago, she still hasn’t improved anything compared to her diploma, as the younger generation brings out more and more new talents. Therefore, it also faced many challenges and obstacles in its competition.

In fact, life is like rowing upstream, if you don’t go forward it will fall back. In a world of talented and exceptional people, you must constantly improve your own values.

The warm feeling in bed won’t be as warm as the future, the story in the book still contains life lessons that you will learn. Ease and greed only make life difficult.

People often lament that the midlife crisis left them off guard, but in reality, before it suddenly happens, you have countless chances that the crisis won’t find you, but maybe Because you have. chose the easy way, you give him the opportunity to attack you.

Slow motion is the scariest thing in life

Living people must strive for themselves to reach the highest level, and then not let themselves go in slow motion.

Renowned Chinese writer Shen Tong Wen once said, “I fear life the most, letting myself be idle and losing the meaning of life.”

His student, Uong Tang Ky, described Tham Tong Van in an article as follows: “There is no fire in the house for warmth, so he wrapped a blanket around his body and continued to write.” .

During the last years of his life, he also did not want to take time to rest, but compiled a book “Research on Ancient Chinese Dressing” which he consulted from a large number of documents and studied it.

He always wrote while others liked him, and he always wrote when someone questioned and criticized him.

Let busy activity become a normal part of life, this is the only way for you to realize its value.

The idle person is very sad, the lazy person has many diseases

“Not allowing yourself to be idle” is not a bad thing as people say, it is a reward from Heaven.

Climbing 10 steps without breathing is difficult to do even for a young man, but Ly Thieu Lu, 91, does it. The secret to maintaining such strong health is: don’t let yourself be inactive.

He gets up every morning at 7 a.m., then exercises for 1 hour, eats breakfast at 8 a.m., goes for a walk and comes back to read the papers at 9:30 a.m., listens to music in the afternoon, practices calligraphy, keep exercising for 1 hour, then spend time helping my wife with the housework.

There is a saying: “The idle person is very sad, the lazy person has a lot of illnesses, the busy person is so happy!”.

Indeed, when a person is idle, his mind and body seem tortured and tormented. People in their spare time can easily think negatively and blame themselves; And physical laziness will also lead to deterioration of our health and torture.

On the contrary, being busy is a precious medicine in the world, so being busy has always been the beginning of an active life.

Japanese writer Kazuo Ishiguro once said: “When I look back on my life in my old age and see that I have spent my whole life capturing the unique beauty of the world, I believe I am satisfied and Nobody can make me believe that I wasted this time ”.

There is also a story about a group of elderly people in Taiwan with an average age of 81, riding a motorcycle around Taiwan which touched many people.

They left together from north to south, from morning to evening, circling the island for 13 days. Two of them have cancer, four need hearing aids, eight have heart disease, and each has osteoarthritis.

In fact, what they do is unrelated to their age, they can choose to live at the end of their life, stay in the hospital, or bravely come out is another way.

Life has always been difficult, but no matter how difficult, if you have a next life, there are many people who will always choose to live with such energy because only then will you realize the true value of life. living.

Life too idle is really a disaster

Austrian writer Stefan Zweig once said: “Every gift of fate has a value hidden behind it”.

There was a man in England he went from poor garbage collector to millionaire because he was lucky enough to win a prize.

He then quit his job, wasting money on fancy cars, drug use, prostitution and gambling.

In just seven years he lost £ 9.7million and became a poor man, and his wife and daughter abandoned him.

Obviously, matter cannot satisfy its temporary happiness, when people live in pleasures and indulgence, it will be difficult for them to achieve the true happiness of their hearts.

Because when you are idle, you may feel joy for a while, but this emptiness is repeated many times, one day it will bore you.

Being busy can be very tiring. But if you organize and divide your time into small chunks, it will likely allow you to accomplish many things, such as inner wealth, happiness, and fulfillment.

For decades of life, we should leave something behind for this world. Never consider “idle” as a gift from God, things that make you enjoy, happy one day it will destroy you.

Of course, being too busy or too idle shouldn’t be, to be busy there is leisure time, to be inactive there is to be busy, to have something to do, someone to love, something to look forward to. It is the most complete state of life.

When you begin to understand how to cherish your time, use it and organize it properly, you are extending your own life, increasing the value of your life.

The so-called living fully is that we never give up at all stages of our life.

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