The fat Bichon dog with snowy white fur owns nearly 2 million fans in Korea

For dog lovers, Bichon Joseph brings a lot of happy vitamins,

Bichon Joseph, born on September 12, 2018, comes from Korea, belongs to the Bichon Frise breed. Bichon is a cute, intelligent and friendly dog, so many families choose to be domestic pets.

Although less than 2 years old, Bichon Joseph is famous throughout the kimchi social network platforms thanks to his cute appearance and a series of expressions and humorous postures. It is easy to find Joseph’s name on Instagram because this pure white dog’s account has 19k followers.

Like other 4-legged bronze, but due to the long coat the ears are on the cheeks, the Bichon’s head always looks round. Additionally, due to its chubby appearance, Bichon looks more prominent, like ‘moving’ snowflakes.

In addition to the innocent face “deceit” that stunned countless lotus hearts, Joseph also made everyone excited because of his sullen sitting figure in the world,

The figure lying despite the same fate as the famous gray-haired goddess of cherry blossom named Kokoro. Joseph is very obedient and has extremely vivid black eyes, making many people melt their hearts while watching.

But in addition to the times of showing her ‘sulked face’ and a humorous posture, Bichon is a cheerful, active, obedient, and unruly dog.

Bichon even worked very hard as an advertisement model, earning a decent income to help its owner.


Joseph was pampered by his master, taken to play everywhere and was carefully cared for with his clean white fur. This 2-year-old dog has an enviable luxury life, lives in a large house, often travels everywhere, dresses well and beautifully.

Any photo posted by Joseph will receive thousands of heart drops, with a funny smile that shines brightly, making everyone feel extremely happy.

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