The first dog in the world to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020

Originally, Foxtrot (dog’s name) was just a homeless stray dog, rescued by a humanitarian organization on the brink of dying from numerous diseases and became the main mascot of WFP’s World Food Program – an organization globally recognized humanitarian aid. Recently, this organization just received the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize, and of course this lucky dog Foxtrot is the honored “character” to receive the prize.

Foxtrot lives on a World Food Program outpost in Bangladesh – one of the largest and most populous refugee camps in the world. In August, the month-old dog was discovered while WFP staff were cleaning the beach. At this time, the dog is in a state of starvation, mange, and intestinal disease. The staff sent him back to the concentration camp.

Foxtrot’s health, weight, and overactivity steadily increase over time. Foxtrot has also become accustomed to providing relief with World Food Program staff. Detecting sick people, sniffing people living in border areas, distributing food, picking up trash, entertaining everyone,… is the daily work Foxtrot dog does here, no less next to any employee Come on.

Gradually, Foxtrot’s dynamic and joyful actions were recognized by all as the mascot of the WFP World Food Program. Recently, WFP was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for “its efforts to fight hunger and better conditions for peace in conflict-affected regions…”, and of course Foxtrot became the first dog to the world to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Along with WFP staff, the Foxtrot dog brings warmth and laughter to poor children (Instagram photo

Netizens urged, “Wow, you (the Foxtrot dog) and the WFP family will help more lives in the world’s most difficult and complex places… They deserve this award”

The Foxtrot page on instagram adds: “Thank you very much for everyone’s support to work with me and my colleagues to do everything possible to provide food aid to the regions. We always aim for a more peaceful world ”. What could be better than that?

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