The first pair of father and child to graduate from college together

(Photo: Winston Edmondson)

Winston, who lives in the US state of Texas, has always wanted to be a policeman and he hopes his son will also do a job related to the industry. Recently, his father and son graduated from the police academy and Mr. Winston’s dream has finally come true.

According to The Epoch Times, Mr. Winston Edmondson and his son Christian graduated from Tarrant County University’s Law Enforcement Institute on November 20. Their combined age was 65 and they became the first father-son couple to graduate from college together.

Mr. Winston shared with local TV station KTVT: “I am always considering entering law enforcement as well as encouraging my children to participate in this field.”

My dad and I are really competitive, I think both me and Dad have learned a lot from this academy, because it makes our relationship strong, Christian added. tighter. ”

Mr. Winston joked that there were times when he “performed better” than his son, and he admits that this happens very rarely.

On the day of graduation, Mr. Winston posted to Facebook what he and his son had achieved: “For the past five months, every day we wake up at 4:30 a.m., driving together to Fort Worth. We all go to class listening, studying and discussing. “

The proud father also wrote: “We always persisted in jogging, rowing and grappling practice. We have continuously trained to pass tough exams, and sometimes even had to stay up all night.

“Today, we passed the Texas security officer licensing exam and are considered for graduation, and we have embarked on the next leg of the law enforcement industry.”

Mr. Winston added that he will always cherish the beautiful memories he spent with his son.

After graduation, the relationship between Winston’s father and son grew closer and they planned to work in two different departments of the Texas Police Department.

On November 19, Christian was sworn in at Flower Mound Police Station and Mr. Winston was reviewing the offers he received.

“Everyone knows that the police are in a very chaotic society,” Damon Ing, of the Law Enforcement Institute at Tarrant County University, told KTVT. The fact that they joined the team was truly inspiring.

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