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The former US ambassador asserted that the CCP intentionally spread the virus around the world

Ms. Nikki Haley (Photo: U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv / Wikimedia)

On Monday, December 21, former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said, “There is no doubt” that the CCP has deliberately blocked information that caused the virus to spread around the world.

“If they are weakened, they want all other parties to suffer.”

Former US Ambassador Haley appeared in Georgia on Monday to participate in the campaign activities of two Republican senators. Meanwhile, she discussed the impact on the U.S. election campaign in the Georgia Senate, saying the American people shouldn’t agree with Big Tech’s assessment because it’s like the Party. The Chinese Communist (CCP) controls the people. On the occasion of the CCP virus pandemic, she also spoke about the origin of the epidemic.

Ms. Haley said that “it will not be at all surprised” if Xi Jinping lied to TT. Trump on the plague issue because they don’t want to be the only country in pain.

Ms Haley also shared on “Fox and Friends” of “Fox News”: “I don’t know if the virus spread by accident or not. I firmly believe that they know the virus is there, they know it is there. ‘they will be affected, they don’t want to be the only party to suffer, so let it spread to the rest of the world. I have no doubt about that.

She added, “China (CCP) is like that. The Chinese Communist Party virus was reportedly detected in Wuhan, China in late December 2019, and the CCP is accused of hiding the epidemic and causing a global pandemic. So far, the number of viral infections in the United States has reached 18.5 million, killing more than 325,000 Americans. “

“They (the CCP) want to be the leader of the whole world. They don’t want to be weakened in any way, ”said Haley. “If they are weakened, they want all other parties to suffer.”

Previously, the New York Times and the press investigation organization ProPublica had received thousands of secret instructions from the CCP government and other materials from a group of hackers calling themselves the “CCP Unmasked.”

This document shows that the CCP has started restricting information about the outbreak since the start of this year. China’s national e-government issued a directive in January that news websites are only allowed to accept government requests. Even when the World Health Organization pointed out the similarities between this pneumonia outbreak and the SARS outbreak in China in 2002, news sites were not allowed to make the same comparison.

Weeks later, as the epidemic began to spread rapidly in many Chinese provinces, cyberspace administration offices across China also began to intervene [to control public opinion]. A directive received by the Hangzhou Cyberspace Administration states that it must not only control internal information, but also “actively influence international opinion”.

A commentary published by the Washington Times on December 14 pointed out that the Wuhan pneumonia pandemic had caused the world’s worst economic collapse since the Great Depression and caused people to fall. people lose their freedom. This is all caused by the CCP. The article pointed out that it was the CCP’s cover-up of the epidemic that caused the virus to spread around the world.

“China (CCP) has long wanted to rule the world. They want to destroy America. “

On January 5, two Georgia Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue will in turn face their rivals Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

Loeffler previously said the Georgia Senate election in January was important because it will decide which party controls the Senate, he said, “we are a firewall against socialism”. ; Mr. Perdue also pointed out in an interview with Fox News on Nov. 22: “These two presidents are the last line of defense in defeating the liberals and preventing the Democrats from promoting socialism.”

Amid allegations and reports of U.S. election fraud blocked by media, Haley on Monday compared the censorship of conservative views on U.S. social media to that of the administration. The CCP suppresses the people, thereby calling for stronger action against the CCP.

“They (the CCP) don’t want anyone to see them in a negative light,” Ms. Haley said of the CCP government. “That’s why they never like Taiwan being mentioned and Uighurs mentioned, that’s what they want. If you talk to the younger generation in China, they don’t even know what happened in Tiananmen Square, because for them (the information) was completely blocked. “

On social media, she said that is why people should be worried about what is happening in America … A lot of the problems we see in China: They (the CCP) are using control. anything anyone can hear and see, and controls how people think and feel. We cannot let this happen in America.

The former ambassador also accused Democrats, including Joe Biden, of supporting the CCP. The former ambassador gave an example: “A few months ago, Presidential candidate Biden said that China (the CCP) is not our adversary and that we don’t need to worry about it.”

Ms Haley also alluded to this in the early stages of the pandemic, TT. Trump banned Chinese people from entering, which led Democrats to criticize, “I want people to see Nancy Pelosi standing in Chinatown saying we’re racist, overreacting … that’s not the case. problem. Small subject ”.

“China (CCP) has long wanted to rule the world. They wanted to defeat America, they almost did it with the corona virus. The former United Nations ambassador warned that today the problem of relations with the CCP should not be just to talk, “We must do something for China (CCP)…. They are trying to monitor our satellites. , to build their own army. They (the CCP) are the biggest perpetrators of human rights abuses. They try to control communication. They interfere in the elections. We should not just respond verbally to China (CCP) ) but take concrete action, but that did not happen. “

Monday, TT. Trump also visited Georgia again to help the two candidates. Prior to that, on December 5, he and First Lady Melania traveled to the state to participate in a large-scale rally and deliver a speech in support of two Republican senators. In the rally, TT. Trump urged voters to come out to vote, not to let Democratic Socialists take power. He said in his speech: “Before, I used to say that if there were no borders, there were no states, now I would say, if there is no honest electoral system , there is no legal process so we will not have a nation either.

At the end of his speech, President Trump had words to cheer up: “The best time is yet to come. Proud citizens like you have helped build this country and together we are reclaiming our country. The battle to drain the Washington Marsh and regain America’s fate has just begun, we won’t bow, we won’t give up, we won’t give in, we won’t give up, we won’t give up, we won’t do not give up do not give up permanently and permanently! Because we are Americans, our hearts bleed in red, white and blue. “

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