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The German decision about the Trump family changed world history

A landmark document shows that Mr. Frederick Trump – the grandfather of former US President Donald Trump, once wrote to the German government, pleading not to expel him from Germany, but the request was rejected. So the Trump family moved to the United States, that dramatic “historical detail” that changed the history of the world.

According to the report, German historian Roland Paul discovered a letter to the Historical Archives Library in the city of Speyer, in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz, in southwestern Germany. The author of this letter is Mr. Frederick Trump – the grandfather of former US President Donald Trump. In the letter, Mr. Frederick Trump told Bavarian Regent Luitpold, “implore the Crown Prince of Bayern to be revered, supreme, full of wisdom and justice, not to deport me”. The letter is dated February 27, 1905. The Karlstadt local government notes in the letter: “Currently, Karlstadt has a retired US citizen who must leave Karlstadt by May 1, 1905, or he will be deported.”

Why would Karlstadt want to expel Mr. Frederick Trump? This must be said of his past:

Mr. Frederick Trump was born in 1869 in the small town of Karlstadt in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. In 1885, then 16-year-old Frederick Trump wanted to leave his homeland for America. He first went to New York to rely on his sister. Then he moved to the Yukon Territory in northwestern Canada, joining the ranks of the hustling “army of gold concessions”. In 1892 he became an American citizen in Seattle. But he always came home to visit family members, and in 1901, on his way home to visit relatives, he met Mrs. Elisabeth Christ and two lovers. The following year, the two married and emigrated to the United States together.

Mr. Frederick Trump – the grandfather of former US President Donald Trump, once wrote to the German Government, pleading not to expel him from Germany. This dramatic “historical detail” changed world history. (Photo: Wikimedia).

In 1904, because Elisabeth Christ missed her homeland, the two returned to their homeland in Germany to reside. After returning to Germany, Mr. Frederick Trump wrote to the administration, hoping to restore German citizenship, but was rejected. The reason is that he did not complete his service in the German army, and because of the age problem, he could no longer use the army. German authorities said that in the past, he emigrated from Germany abroad because he avoided enlistment. The authorities said that as soon as he arrived in the United States, the authorities warned him but he was not interested.

As historian Roland Paul points out, the letter that Frederick Trump wrote was not only one, but the authorities were not moved by his excuses and expelled him from Germany. In fact, at that time, the situation of emigrating back to Germany and being deported was not uncommon.

Not knowing what to do, on July 1, 1905, Mr. Frederick Trump got on a boat in Hamburg and went to New York, where the Trump family settled in America. Three months later, Elisabeth Christ gave birth to a son Frederick Trump, the father of former US President Donald Trump – Mr. Frederick Christ Trump. In the US, Mr. Frederick Christ Trump used to run a restaurant business.

Voice of Germany (DW) commented, “As we know it now, this little document has changed the history of our world.”

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