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The girl is 5 years old stare on the lynx causes it to leave

A 5-year-old girl in the US state of Colorado recently discovered a lynx burst into her garden, she sat looking at it directly for 22 seconds, finally forcing it to leave.

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According to Epoch Times, this incident happened on April 10 in the city of Castle Rock in central Colorado. At that time, Rian Woodard (5 years old) was riding a 3-wheel bicycle in the garden.

After a lynx suddenly burst into the garden lawn, little Rian was sitting still looking straight at it, the lynx also looked at her motionlessly, both seemingly “frozen”.

After 22 seconds of eye-to-eye contact, the lynx finally left, turned and ran out of the little Rian’s garden. At this time, little Rian immediately climbed off the bicycle and rushed inside to tell her parents what had happened.

Little Rian’s parents told KDVR that Rian was not panicking at all, at first they thought she saw a house cat a little bit big but told it sounded exaggerated. However, after viewing the images from the security cameras, their emotions changed from skepticism to amazement.

Rian’s mother said, the moment when her daughter and the “eye-to-eye” gazebo felt as if it was an hour long.

“I think I was amazed. I’m a bit scared for girls. Now she thinks that she is the one who can talk to the lynx. “

The lynx is a rather ferocious wild animal, and there have been instances where it has been reported to attack humans.

The Colorado Wildlife and Parks Authority posted an article on the website saying that the lynx is a famous animal, its appearance is very similar to that of the Lynx lynx, but their behavior is very mysteriously, people rarely see them.

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Lynx mostly distributed in North America, from southern Canada to central Mexico, places in the state of Colorado have traces of this species.

The agency says people will sometimes mistake the leopard cub for a lynx, but this is a rare mistake, because the leopard cub has a very long tail.

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