The heroic Husky dog saved the life of a female student who fell from the mountain

In June this year, in Alaska (USA), a deaf college student climbing a mountain alone, suddenly fell down a snowy mountain side, while the girl felt helpless a uncle appeared. Husky dog ​​hero, came to help her.

Amelia Milling (21 years old) planned to climb for 3 days 2 nights, the location is the valley of the Eagle River. Amelia was a girl with a hearing loss, of course, she had been trained, otherwise she wouldn’t take the same risk.

But on day 2, Amelia slipped down about 90m and hit a large rock.

After Amelia’s fall, she continued to be rolled down a ridge of the same height, snow was thicker than what the girl had planned, and continuously rolled down the mountain, causing her to suffer minor injuries. Realizing that her body could not move, she felt very scared.

In the immediate moment, there was no hope, suddenly a dog appeared next to Amelia, it was a very beautiful milky white husky. At first Amelia thought that it was a ferocious wolf. Then she saw on the dog’s neck a sign saying “Cross Pass Guide Dog”, so she followed the dog.

(Photo: Amelia Milling)

Amelia dragged her body, her spirit followed the dog’s instructions, she even licked her, seemed to give her an encouragement, just like that – a man and a dog striving to move forward. forward in the valley. At night, she and her dog slept together in a hut, the dog kept the door, guarding her.

Amelia said: It helped me, gave me strength, gave me the motivation to move forward.

On the way, Amelia also encountered many different dangerous terrains, she was forced to rely on herself to cross a river, moreover the river was flowing very fast, constantly rushing towards her, seeing her about to be caught by the stream. As the water swept away, the dog immediately jumped into the river, biting her backpack, pulling her out of the water with force. The dog really looks like an angel protecting her.

After that, Amelia used the locator she had brought, finally sending a signal of distress to the emergency rescue team in that area. Rescue helicopters soon found her and her dog, brought them safely back to Anchorage, and took Amelia to the hospital.

(Photo: Alaska State Troopers Official)

The dedicated guide dog
In fact, this Husky dog named Nookie, it has been a guide dog in the forest for many years. Nookie has helped a lot of people lost their way in the mountains or in danger, not just Amelia

The special thing is, the owner of Nookie said it is not a professionally trained dog, it completely comes from “my wish” but becomes an enthusiastic volunteer. Nookie is just a dog raised in a family nearby.

Amelia said the next time she would not go hiking alone again, at least she had to have a companion like Nookie.

(Photo: Amelia Milling)

When the rescue team contacted Nookie’s owner via the phone number on the board hanging from the dog’s neck, the owner – Mr. Scott Swift was delighted, because the dog had another “city. area “more. They live near the Cross Pass Trail.

Nookie dog and boss Scott Swift. (Photo: Scott Swift)

Mr. Scott said Nookie is a 7-year-old uncle, who loves to take risks. Six years ago, after adopting this dog, he often ran into the mountains to play, befriended many mountaineers, also led many people.

It is important that Nookie pointing the way to visitors is a spontaneous act, enthusiastically helping others, so it is considered an important member of the beautiful Eagle valley.

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