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The homeless woman refused to go to the compassionate home because she could not bring 6 stray dogs

The homeless woman with the dogs lay in the trash bag on a cold rain. (Photo: Omar Camarillo)

Chloe has been wandering the streets of Tijuana and surrounding places because she has not had a home for the past eight years. However, when she was helped and persuaded to enter the loving house, Mrs. Chloe refused. She would rather stay on the street than to leave the wild dogs she was raising.

Mrs. Chloe whose real name is Luz Maria Olmedo Beltran is a homeless woman. She also has a son but still chooses to live a street life.

On a cold rainy day, Mexican police discovered her, the poor woman lying in a large black trash bag with wild dogs warmed inside.

The local police discovered and persuaded her to move to a compassionate home. (Photo: Omar Camarillo)

Facing her difficult situation, the local police tried hard to persuade her to move to a compassionate house. But Ms. Chloe firmly refused the offer because the lover’s rules often did not allow six wild dogs that had been friends with her for a long time.

Mrs. Chloe burst into tears saying that she did not want to go, even she did not need anyone’s help because for her, life was still very good.

Concerned about her health, the police found out the address of her son’s home and took her there. But after staying at her son’s house for a short time, Mrs. Chloe left again, returning to the neighborhoods where the stray dogs she loved were still waiting for her.

Mrs. Chloe gives up a peaceful life to return to the poor stray dogs. (Photo: Omar Camarillo)

Capturing the homeless woman on the street with her pet dogs, amateur photographer Omar Camarillo has captured and posted on his personal page with the aim of making people known and calling. help from kindness.

“I was impressed with the way this woman lived. I realized that Mrs. Chloe has a kind heart when it comes to helping wild animals even when her conditions do not allow it ”, this is what the photographer commented about the woman.

Since then, many people passing by also came to give her and the dogs boxes of food and water.

Then a loving home understood her situation, agreed that she could come and bring the dogs in for 50 pesos / day

Mrs. Chloe and the stray dogs received help from passers-by. (Photo: Omar Camarillo)

The homeless woman has now found a warm home with four-legged friends. She shared, her wish is to be facilitated by the Mexican government, there is a place to take care of more abandoned animals.

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