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The identities of others in Georgia’s “Suitcase of Votes” video exposed

After Trump’s presidential campaign group released a cheat video during the U.S. election hearing in Georgia, the identity of one of the employees involved in the fraud was revealed. Videos of electoral fraud continue to be exposed in the US media and two other men have been identified.

The Gateway Pundit page reported that Republican Party election monitoring staff were told to leave early, after a “water line break” disruption at the State Farm Arena sports house counting site. Atlanta, Georgia. In the absence of a supervisor, the pro-Democrats openly took suitcases full of ballots from under the table and inserted those ballots into the voting scanner. It is astonishing proof of fraud.

During the counting process in Atlanta, many people participated. Among them, another man was also suspicious. The video showed him receiving a USB stick from the employee, so the online community called him “the USB guy”. After that, the video showed that this “USB guy” had spoiled voters’ ballots at the counting center., a group that supports President Trump, has revealed the identity of this “USB guy.” His name is Lawrence Sloan.


On December 7, Gateway Pundit revealed that a live monitoring video of the vote count, shown during a Georgia State Senate hearing, showed a confirmed man in red named Ralph Jones. He is the director of the electoral register for Fulton County, Georgia, and is identified as the third suspect in the county counting scandal.

A Twitter user shared a statistic, “Voting time (fraud) in Fulton County, Ga. Is around 1 p.m.”


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