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The legislator proposed the bill to invalidate the Biden’s decree in South Dakota

A Republican congressman proposed a bill in the South Dakota House of Representatives to empower the state attorney general to review and invalidate deemed unconstitutional executive orders from President Joe Biden, according to Daily Wire .

Republican Rep. Aaron Aylward recently introduced bill HB 1194, to “authorize review of certain executive orders issued by the President of the United States [Joe Biden]”.

The proposed review process includes: Initially, Mr. Biden’s executive order is reviewed by the Executive Council of the Legislative Research Committee, which then sends a letter of recommendation to the attorney general and the attorney general. Governor of South Dakota. After receiving the referral letter, the attorney general may review the executive order for state waiver of the order or declare the ordinance unconstitutional.

Measure HB 1194 would also allow the attorney general to block the enforcement of unconstitutional executive orders if the ordinance relates to:

A pandemic or other public health emergency
Regulation on natural resources
Regulations of the agricultural sector
Land use regulations
Financial sector regulation through the imposition of environmental, social or governance standards
Provisions on the constitutional right to hold and carry weapons
Rep. Aylward said: “This is not just President Biden’s problem but also the overall executive problem that we have faced in the long run. The US Congress has long withdrawn from their mandate in various fields. This bill simply establishes a process to neutralize acts of donation. When looking at the US Constitution, the President has only the powers set forth in Article II, ”.

If the bill passes, Mr. Aylward said “it would give the state of South Dakota a lot of power. According to the supreme provision of the United States Constitution, the powers of the federal government must be consistent with what is stated in the document ‘What is done in pursuit of this.’

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