The little dog chased the ambulance and stayed by the bedside of the wandering boy

 A wandering boy was taken to the hospital by an ambulance due to a sudden epilepsy, his dog was constantly chasing the car. When he arrived at the hospital, he was still standing by the side of the hospital bed. This image of a loyal dog touches the viewer.

According to the Daily Post, when the ambulance was running, through the rearview mirror, the rescuers discovered a small dog trying to run on the road, chasing the car. This man hurriedly took his phone to record this sudden chase scene.

The little dog rushed after the ambulance.

When the car changed direction, the dog also changed direction, continuing to chase it all the way for the long haul, completely unsure of where the ambulance was going, but it was determined to follow it to the end. The little dog kept chasing the car, making the lifeguards on board feel sorry.

The dog was slipping back further and further away due to being too tired, panting, obviously it was up. Seeing this rare sight, the lifeguard also began to hesitate, when the car stopped a little, the dog looked up at the car as if pleading with the people on it to help him.

The dog was tired and gasped.

Rescuers could see that a small dog could not run like crazy to the hospital, finally the door opened and his best friend jumped into the car without hesitation. .

Later, Celiomar Ferreira do Couto – a lifeguard who took this image revealed that the owner of the dog was a homeless boy being taken to an ambulance by the car, then everyone was on the car. were touched by this little dog’s loyalty.

Mr. Couto said: I have been in this job for 19 years but have never seen a scene like this before. Occasionally we have pets with the sick person in the emergency room, but they are very shy, as soon as we get close they will run away. I’ve never seen a dog show this expression.

In the video, he said to his colleagues: Isn’t it tired? And he even shouted to the dog: Go home. Go home and wait, don’t chase you anymore.

In the car, this dog’s good behavior was praised by everyone. They also allow the dog to sit next to the owner.

Mr. Couto continued: This dog is very good, we are all unbelievable. It sat there very quietly and patiently, never making a sound “. All the way, the owner awoke in a coma, but he could see his friend by his side.

After arriving at the hospital, the little master was taken to a hospital bed. This faithful dog squirmed beside the bed, finally sitting at the foot of the bed, perhaps he was tired.

Later, this little master took the dog out of the hospital.

This incident certainly gave me confidence in the dog’s owner, Couto said.

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