The man burst into tears when he saw that the 6-year-old was starved by his grandmother and tied in the warehouse

Esmeralda Lira, 53, and her boyfriend Jose Balderas, 64, face child abuse charges. Their victim was none other than her 6-year-old nephew, a boy who was beaten, starved, and then slept in a cold and dirty warehouse without a blanket or bed.

The man burst into tears when he saw that the 6-year-old was starved by his grandmother and tied in the warehouse. (Photo via NTD)

Mr. Juan Vaquero, 54 years old, was the tenant of Ms. Esmeralda Lira’s tent. On May 10, 2020, at 10 p.m., he overheard a faint voice near the campsite.

Feeling that something was wrong, Juan used a flashlight on his phone to follow the voice, finally stopping in a warehouse in the back of the landlord’s backyard.

Now, Juan realizes that it is the nephew of Mrs. Lira, a 6-year-old boy, but currently alone in a dark, dirty warehouse.

The warehouse where the boy was locked. (Photo via fox29)

Shocked by what he saw, Juan began recording his conversation with him. He wanted to use it as evidence to hand over to the police.

Standing outside the warehouse, Juan asked, “When did you keep me out here?”

On hearing Mr. Juan’s voice, the boy happily replied, “Yes since 6pm.”

“Since 6 pm? But it is almost 10 o’clock now. Listen to me, what did you do wrong and you locked me up here? ”Juan feels shocked by his grandmother’s behavior.

“Since you gave me a pillow and blanket, that was the first day I locked you up here,” the boy’s voice began to tremble.

Later, Mr. Juan discovered that the boy was not even given a blanket and a bed to sleep.

“She can only walk, but cannot hold or touch anything,” the boy began to add.

“Does that mean your grandmother tied my hand? … But why did you tie my hand?”, Juan continued asking.

“Because I don’t want you to take anything more,” the boy replied.

He continued: “Have you eaten anything yet?”

“Yes, I was given breakfast, but …”

“Have breakfast? But it is midnight now. Can you give me jelly and sandwiches? ”Juan began to worry about the boy.

“I can’t peel the jelly, she tied my hands behind my back very tightly, like the police do… But I’ll be out in the morning, I’ll give you a bath and we’ll be met. each other outside ”.

At the end of the conversation, Mr. Juan told the boy that he had to go to quickly call someone for help. The boy whimpered while replying: “Yes!”

In nearly an hour, the police were quickly present at the house of Mrs. Will read. They asked her to open the warehouse door to rescue the boy, but Lira refused and lied that the boy was staying with his mother. Finally, the police were forced to warn her if she did not hand over the keys, she would break the door.

Mrs. Esmeralda Lira and her boyfriend, Mr. Jose Balderas. (Photo: Dallas County Jail)
When the door was opened everyone was shocked and saddened to see a child standing alone in a dark room with rats and bugs with his hands tied with bruises, the boy was in a state of great hunger and fear .

Police then quickly took the boy away to care for him, while also bringing in his two siblings, a 7-year-old baby and a 4-year-old baby living with him. The 3 children were neatly cared for and fed by child protection service staff on May 11.

When asked about his visits to the house with his grandmother, the boy told investigators he was often forced to sleep in the warehouse when it was damaged and she only received a toilet bag in plastic. When he was taking a bath, the boy was also scared, as she used the water to spray him directly.

Esmeralda Lira and Jose Balderas were subsequently arrested and each sentenced to $ 100,000.

They claimed to have locked the boy up every night like this for two weeks. The only explanation for his job is that the boy stole food from the house and Ms. Lira did it to punish him.

“The boy came to me to ask for food several times a week. I usually give him sandwiches and snacks. He’s my friend, ”Juan said, wiping away his tears.

Mr. Juan was heartbroken when he mentioned the boy. (Photo via Andrea Lucia – CBS 11)
He also said that several times he saw Lira scolding the boy, by which time he saw him standing alone, scared and covering his ears. But until the night he found out, he felt really hurt by what Mrs. Lira had done to her grandson, as it was beyond his imagination.

Further, after accusing Lira, who is also the owner, Mr. Juan moved elsewhere. But he said he had to do what to do: “I have to speak up and report this crime.”

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