The man used the escape “trick” when he fell into the bear’s sights

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A man in America clashed with a hungry wild bear while jogging in a national park, it followed and appeared to attack him. Fortunately, he kept his composure and used “tips” to narrowly escape.

Recently, a man named Evan Matthews living in the US state of Idaho went for a jog in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. When he ran to a position about 0.8 km from the car, he discovered a bear was following him.

He decided to slowly step back and take out the spray bottle, then shouted out loud so the bear wouldn’t see him as prey.

In the clip that he filmed, he walked backwards while saying to the bear: “I don’t care if you are hungry or not. I am not your food. “

Evan’s warning seemed ineffective, now the bear continued to walk towards him and was only about 18 meters away. But he continues to talk to it to make it know that he is human and not other animals.

In the clip, you can hear English saying: “Of course if you want, we can walk, but you should stop approaching.”

Evan said the bear had been following him for a few minutes, and at last it lost interest, so he turned and walked into the woods.

In the past, Mr. Evan had encountered bears many times, but each time was not the same. Usually he would go away from them, but this time it was interested in him so he had to use another way to cope.

Evan said he didn’t want to run or fake his death to hide, making the bear think he was prey and continued to chase him. So he stepped back and kept talking to gradually distance himself from it.

Evan also shared that there are many ways to deal with a bear. If you meet a mother with a cub, fake death might work, because the bear thinks that the cub is no longer threatened. But if you encounter a situation like you this time, the bear is looking for prey and no longer wants to eliminate the danger, absolutely do not fake death and then become a meal that it can easily catch.

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