The man with no fingers abandoned becomes a pianist

How can I play the piano without fingers? It’s hard to imagine …

Russian boy Alexey Romanov (15 years old) grew up in an orphanage, he has a handicapped hand and two legs, no one ever thought he could play the piano.

Initially, Alexey taught himself until he was trained by his teacher, in just 2 years, he was able to go on stage to perform with the chamber orchestra, Alexey not only suddenly became famous but also made a lot of audience. emotion.

Even the conductor of the La Primavera Chamber Orchestra had to praise Alexey: “He looked as if he had universal hands like a normal person, those who came to listen to music could not believe such a perfect performance. . ”

Since childhood Alexey has been passionate about music, every time he hears the piano, he wants to play. Alexey started to learn to play piano in 2014, he listened to chords and learned the keys, and was fortunate to be supported by friends and teachers, so his skills are becoming more and more mature.

Luck continued to Alexey, then at the age of 12, he was adopted by a loving couple full of love. Alexey’s adoptive parents wholeheartedly encouraged Alexey’s musical interests, they suggested he go to school so he could continue to practice and buy him a set.

Alexey never stopped, in less than 2 years, he was able to play the piano with his arms skillfully.

Alexey plays the piano.

Alexey shared: “I have always had a particular fondness for classical music, at first I only knew a few basic songs like Christmas carols, but now I have learned songs with fairly high difficulty. . ”

Although he does not have the natural conditions, but Alexey does not limit himself, he never gives up pursuing his musical dreams, but gradually ascends the official stage and wins many awards.

Alexey touches the hearts of listeners with the melodious sound, his perseverance is seen by Russians as a “hero” and he was also invited to the TED forum to perform and share his own story, Become a brave symbol who dares to pursue a dream .

Later Alexey asked his mother to review her performance and post it on the internet, he wanted to tell everyone in the world, “Birth defects don’t stop you from progressing on the path of pursuing your dream. . ”

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