The musician made a song to encourage the American spirit in turmoil

Singer-songwriter James White (provided by Ying Shakespeare to The Epoch Times)

On Veterans Memorial Day in November, singer-songwriter White (James H. White) released the patriotic-themed debut single titled “Purple Heart” (Purple Medal / Purple Heart). . White’s singing voice was widely received.

This precious country music helps ease the trauma to American hearts caused by the storms of internal conflict in 2020.

The unique voice brings the beauty of the Kingdom message and evokes the memory of legendary country music singer Johnny Cash. The song mixes classical symphonic music, a perfect combination of chord music, country music and folk music.

Most notable is the work imbued with traditional patriotic sentiments.

The song’s sedentary patriotic melody echoes the deep respect for those who sacrificed themselves to protect American values ​​and freedoms.

The song “Purple Heart” has a daring tradition, an idealism, echoes the spirit of optimism in the American situation today.

According to English Epoch Times, the song is a collaboration of many artists around the world, the MV is produced by famous film editor Mathias Magnason.

American society in 2020 is full of chaos: ideological divisions, social conflicts and the struggle for political power. The demonstrators took to the streets to beat, crush, demand the dissolution of the police, in short “the rebellion is reasonable”. Many experts and academics cannot help but sigh: the cultural revolution of the communist proletariat has arrived in America. During this crisis, the song “Purple Heart” carried the message of healing souls and protecting “true freedom”.

In communist countries around the world like China, the Communist Party has succeeded in creating and exploiting such crises to gain full control of the country and its people. Under the iron grip of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for the past 70 years, the Chinese people have been enslaved and brainwashed, making them appear paralyzed in thought, and freedom has disappeared.

Witnessing the oppression of his people by the CCP, musician James White, who grew up in a free and democratic society, realizes what “freedom” really means.

“When I woke up, I started to practice a Chinese style of meditation called Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa,” he told The Epoch Times in English.

“Since 1999, the CCP has brutally persecuted Falun Gong practitioners, imprisoned, raped, tortured, forced slave labor, and even practiced live organ harvesting… from Falun Gong practitioners in China. “

“Learning of these persecutions seems to have unleashed the fire of justice in my heart,” White said. For the first time in my life, I thank deeply for the freedom I enjoy.

“My grandfather, father and uncle all served in the military, but I don’t understand why they sacrificed so much; It was only later that I understood what life was like under the oppression of the CCP. “

“It’s really interesting, after practicing Chinese meditation I feel more like an American, more patriotic and grateful,” White said.

White said the military was “the heart of America” and the defender of freedom. He hopes “Purple Heart” inspires everyone to love freedom and the desire to protect freedom.

The air slowly echoed in thunder and lightning from thunderstorms

The opening of the MV shows: a lightning bolt piercing the dark sky, thunder strikes a thunderstorm, then a scene from the 1961 inauguration speech of Mr. John F. Kennedy – who became president during the fierce Cold War: “To declare to every nation, whether we want to prosper or decline, to ensure the existence of freedom and the victory of freedom, we are willing to pay any price, to bear all the burden, to face to all difficulties and dangers we defend any friend and against any enemy. It’s to protect us. “

Next, the song is about a fallen soldier on the battlefield, who gave his life for America, freedom, and higher ideals. “The song is about sacrifice, solidarity and freedom,” White said.

The song “Purple Heart” also conveys hope and prayer to God. The words of “God bless everyone, please take them home …” not only longed for the soldiers to return from the battlefield, but also referred to the soldiers who had shed their bodies and returned home they are in the Kingdom.

Many artists from all over the world participate

This song brings together the work of many artists from Canada, Russia, Great Britain, New Zealand and the United States. The lyrics were co-written by White and singer-songwriter Katy Mantyk. Katie’s soprano and low male voice sounded. Canadian country singer Richard Woodman and British singer Victoria May sang the harmony.

Artist Alexander Antonov recites his trumpet, the melody is clear and tight, as if standing solemnly under the warm sunlight looking into the distance, bringing the soul full of spirituality and steadfastness.

At the end, the melody of gospel music brought in by professional singer Mika Hale is like crossing time and space, exploding in magic.

Single “Purple Heart” from record company ICONS UNITE, Katie and producer David English co-edited by musician White.

White hopes to use the song “Purple Heart” to continue to commemorate American soldiers during National Veterans and Military Families Month in November 2020.

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