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The mysterious Eternal Flame sits under a waterfall in New York State

A gas leak forms a fire on the ground, although it is no stranger to us, but the Eternal Flame in the Eternal Flame Cascade is a rare occurrence without adequate explanation.

Eternal Flame Falls is located in the southeastern part of Chestnut Ridge Park in the Shale Creek Reservation, New York State, United States. In the small cave under the waterfall, there is natural gas and it burns, creating a fire that looks like a “ghost” fire. Locals have told themselves that the fire has been burning like this for thousands of years, ever since Native Americans came to live in the area. In fact, sometimes the fire goes out and comes back on.

Scientifically, a large amount of “leaky” gas is required to ignite and maintain this natural flame, but when this gas is released it dissolves very quickly, so it cannot be sustained. the flame burns for a long time. But with the “Eternal Flame” in New York, there is a large amount of gas coming out of a hollow hole and somehow the gas remains stored on the ground to keep the fire burning endlessly.

So where does this gas come from?

So far, many experts have researched and speculated to explain the formation and “endurance” of this fire.

In 2013, geologists from Indiana University Bloomington and the Italian Institute for Earth and Volcanic Studies researched the “eternal flame”. They found that at Enternal Flame Falls, where the gas released contained more ethane and propane (about 35%) than the other conventional natural gas leak (which contains more methane). It is estimated that the amount of methane released per day from the waterfall is about 1 kg.

So far, the mysterious fire has not been fully resolved. (Photo:

A geologist participating in the study in 2013 said that the gas source for this fire is natural gas formed from shale at high temperature (around 100 ° C). At such high temperatures, the broken carbon structures form smaller natural gas molecules, which are the fuel that helps maintain the “eternal flame”.

However, researcher Arndt Schimmelmann and colleagues at Indiana University observed that the heat in the rock is not sufficient to cause the above reaction. The rocks are just hot, about the same temperature as a “hot cup of tea”. They believe that this site could be the meeting place for many sources of gas. In addition, they are neither old nor as thick as the typical shale. And they speculated that there might be a gas path around the rocks.

It is also believed that there may be a catalyst capable of breaking the surface of the clay plate without the need for such high temperatures.

(Photo: Wiki)

The researchers admit that they also don’t know where the eternal flames of the Eternal Flame are produced. Therefore, until now, the process of forming and adding gas to maintain the fire has not had a satisfactory answer, everything is still unknown.

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