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The nightmare will come if Joe Biden is elected US president

Many people are anxiously awaiting the results of this year’s US election, many people are worried about the unfair race. If the person elected this time has to use tricks to win, then it really is “bad luck” for the United States.

There is one thing anyone can recognize, which is that with too few voters, Joe Biden will only be able to “vote” in a form of fraud such as:

Cheat the votes,
Silencing the voices of conservatives on the Internet,
Destroy the postal ballots for Donald Trump,
Taking advantage of the votes of the deceased to vote for the Democrats and many other frauds,….

In 2016, the media was inundated with a series of false predictions and polls, claiming that Hillary Clinton would almost certainly win the election. But they ignore the target group of Donald Trump’s “hidden” voters. This is a group of individuals who voted for President Trump but did not dare to reveal it to investigators due to the extremely extreme and uncompromising attitude of the right-wing faction – one faction still claims Those who support Donald Trump are “the embodiment of the Nazis”.

In the 2020 election, President Trump’s “hidden” voter count was still over four years ago. They stand side by side and vote unanimously for the upcoming November 3 election, but dare not reveal that they will support President Trump because otherwise they will be fired from the workplace, looked down upon by friends and neighbors, and even attacked on the road.

This means that, if the election is fair, without any fraud, President Trump will prevail overwhelmingly. This is exactly why the lawless left, which is doubling its fraud this year, has found every way to annihilate the votes for President Trump, while forging, increasing as much as possible for Joe Biden.

Due to the determination to cheat, Democrats will have the opportunity to change the outcome of the election, and declare them “the winners.” One thing is certain, after the ballot, miraculously, Democrats will discover hundreds of thousands of “lost” votes located in the trunk of cars, in the main zone. the county and state areas they need to win. It’s a familiar tactic, as well as the way former Senator Al Franken used to fraudulently vote to become a United States Senator.

Democrats have devised a meticulous plan to completely destroy the United States, push the country into extreme poverty, destroy the middle class, and take out arrogant and incompetent left-wing individuals. authoritarian regime.

Here are 25 nightmares that would happen if Joe Biden were elected president
1) medical tyranny

Joe Biden and the faction will enact mandatory mask-wearing regulations, as well as vaccine compliance regulations across the country. People who break the rules cannot get to work, use public transport, or appear in public.

2) Reform of the Court

Democrats will increase the number of U.S. Supreme Court justices to whatever they need to gain maximum advantage. Since Democrats always cheat, if they can’t win by obeying the law, they will win by changing the law! Recently, Joe Biden said voters should vote for him to see if he will reform the court or not (of course if he’s elected).

3) Criminalization of “climate change denying individuals”

People with opposing views on climate change will be criminalized, as well as anyone expressing opposing views on climate change through such messages or speeches. All networks will be arrested, prosecuted and jailed under the administration of Kamala Harris – who has openly pledged to do exactly the above.

4) medical dictatorship

As the left-wing media constantly report “new cases” of COVID-19, people will still have to enforce an infinitely long blockade, trapped in their own homes. The movement was made to destroy the middle class, ending all remaining constitutional freedoms in America.

5) stop paying for the police

Police services across the country will be suspended, ending the rule of law in all major American cities. This, at the hands of district prosecutors and left-wing politicians, will lead to a riot provoked by the flight of criminals. Democrats still want to “bind the police to the criminals”, because criminal groups will commit acts that Democrats need to benefit from the prevention of child crime, drugs, arms smuggling, kidnapping, political assassination, …)

6) Change the judge of the Trump administration

Joe Biden has said Amy Barrett’s appointment to the court is, in a way, “unconstitutional,” and Democrats are now absurdly accusing President Trump of “reforming.” judicial process ”illegally.

Once Joe Biden becomes president, Democrats will speed up the removal of Judges Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Barrett from the tribunal and declare those appointees illegal. , because according to Biden, President Trump is also an “illegal” president.

7) Nationwide use of the AR-15 and similar semi-automatic pistols is prohibited

Kamala Harris has pledged to use the powers of the Executive Order to ban the use of all AR-15 weapons “for the first 100 days” of her tenure. This means that tens of millions of Americans will carry crimes if they do not agree to surrender their weapons. If they comply, they will be completely stripped of their self-defense weapons and face extreme tyranny from the government. This is the scenario the Democrats want to achieve, before launching a mass genocide against Christians and conservatives.

Nước Mỹ càng loạn, đảng Dân chủ càng hài lòng

The more rebellious America, the happier Democrats are. (Photo via Facebook)

8) The consequences of the Green New Deal (green growth policy)

Under Joe Biden’s administration, the Green New Deal would become law banning the full use of combustion engines, wiping out transportation infrastructure and travel for a low-cost investment. This will lead to a serious collapse in the areas of agriculture and food production, transportation and personal freedom.

9) Power failure due to grid failure

The Green New Deal policy will shut down coal-fired and natural gas-fired power plants, leading to blackouts and grid outages, just as California is currently facing. Green energy initiative. Power outages will shut down many businesses, with large numbers of people losing their jobs or going bankrupt, destroying America’s middle class.

10) agricultural collapse leads to massive famine

The policy of the Green New Deal, combined with new federal regulations and a COVID-1.9 blockade on farms and food facilities, would result in a severe slowdown in food production. all over America.

Since the ban on combustion engines, farms are expected to use animals for plowing, cultivating and harvesting, causing food production to deteriorate to 19th century levels. This leads to a drop in food production of more than 90%, causing mass starvation across the country. Basically, the United States will become the second Korea in terms of famine and tyranny.

11) End Obstruction Tactics in the Senate

If the Democrats take control of the Senate, they will end obstruction tactics in the Senate (the term filibuster refers to a U.S. senator’s opinion on a bill that is constantly debated, sometimes on irrelevant matters, to express opposition to a bill and attempt to delay its passage), and to take advantage of the overwhelming number of Democratic senators for the passage of all primitive laws or changes in the positions of Senate officials .

This is how they will use it to reshape the Supreme Court of the United States, appointing Democrats to judicial positions. Once Democrats change all the rules in their favor, Republicans will never have the chance to regain political power in America again.

12) stop investigating the traitors of the underground government apparatus

If Joe Biden is elected president, the Justice Department’s (William Barr, John Durham) investigations of traitors are part of the underground government apparatus like Barack Obama, John Brennan, James Comey and Hillary. Clinton will be postponed. No one will be charged or prosecuted for treason again, because these criminals will take back power. Don’t even think Joe Biden will be investigated on charges of illegal bribery and family money laundering conspiracy involving Ukraine and China.

13) end free speech in America

If President Trump and the Republican Party are starting to face content censorship from tech giants (including Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple), and comments from individuals. The Tories were censored, deemed illegal, and under Joe Biden’s government, the government would merge with the tech giants, to create a powerful, authoritarian “Berlin Wall”. fascist, against the right to freedom of expression.

Anyone who expresses criticism of Kamala Harris will immediately be “gagged” and considered racist, regardless of what they criticized. Not all black politicians will be criticized, while whites will be seen as bad guys, criticized for being born white.

14) Dramatically increased taxes for the working class

As President Trump and the Republican passed several rounds of tax cuts to allow the working class to profit more than they earn, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have pledged to stop all waves. tax cuts, while increasing taxes on the income of the working class.

They foolishly claimed that they would only tax the “rich”, but their tax plans would only work if they raised taxes on the middle class, because that is the class. Contribute greatly to the national budget. Under the Joe Biden administration, people were expected to work hard but have less income, and the rapidly expanding government apparatus seized their assets, passed them on to people of color, and called them. it is “compensation”.

15) Handover to the PCC

Under Barack Obama, the United States was deliberately placed in a passive position, which caused China to consolidate its position, eventually invading and dominating America. At this point, Joe Biden’s family received money from the Chinese government, while the former vice president revealed national military secrets to the CCP.

If Joe Biden is elected, China will benefit from increased access to U.S. ports in the West Bank, and more Chinese Communist forces will be invited to stay in the United States, as part of the exercises. the United Nations sponsored “peacekeeping” battle. It’s no different than China invading America, but it’s being covered up and disguised in the name of “supporting Joe Biden.”

16) Ban “ghost guns” nationwide

U.S. citizens are currently permitted to manufacture rifles and pistols for personal use. These homemade weapons are called “ghost guns” because they do not have a serial number. They are one of the latest defenses against the gun control tyranny of the authoritarian government apparatus. Because it is impossible to trace the origin of “ghost guns” because they do not exist on any legal document of the government.

If they won, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would immediately enact a nationwide ghost gun ban, further infringing on the rights set forth in the Second Amendment. Those who currently have phantom weapons will be criminally prosecuted and forced to surrender, or will not be prosecuted.

17) Compensation for Blacks

Under Joe Biden, the government would start removing some of the income and assets from whites (who had never had any acts of slavery) and redistributing that money to blacks. black and colored people (none of them has ever been a slave).

This decision has been called “compensation,” accompanied by leftists trying to accept the judgment of the guilty whites. Whites, they said, were perverted subjects in the way they were born, while arguing that blacks were superior and that they should be endowed with extraordinary strength and authority in society. power that they don’t get) because of their skin color, even in cases where blacks are incompetent and totally incompetent for a given job, which is, in part, often so. How many black sheriffs in America are incompetent, qualified, and still accepted because they are black?

18) Does not recognize private health insurance

Under Joe Biden’s administration, any private health insurance will be considered illegal and people will be forced to join the “Health for All” plan. Essentially a third-party health care program, with a long wait and a “death committee” (a group of officials who decide who needs medical treatment and who gets medical treatment. Refuse medical treatment).

The FDA’s attacks on nutrients, herbs and natural therapies will also be stepped up, in an effort to keep consumers trapped in Big Pharma’s fraudulent scheme. ), when they both engage in bribery of legislators and officials.

19States) Federal Rescue of Cities and Democratic 

While cities and states on the left are now bankrupt, President Trump has not agreed to put the burden of relief on taxpayers. He didn’t want American workers across the country to bail out cities, and the ruthless left-wing state was steeped in corruption, waste and fraud.

But the Biden / Harris administration will open up federal cash flows, sending trillions of dollars to citizens’ jurisdictions just to fund illegal profits, bailouts The government hype and fraudulent contracts are nothing more than a way to pay money to wealthy donors for Democratic politicians. A typical example of this is: What happened to the high speed train in California, and billions of dollars were invested in this project?

20) The rise of the “thought police”

Under the Biden and Harris administrations, the Justice Department and the White House will openly encourage universities and local governments across the country to teach racism and punish whites. Anyone who voices the idea of ​​supporting the Constitution, supporting President Trump, or supporting freedom will immediately lose their job, be fired from public office, removed from the board, and reviewed. general is excluded from society.

The left will turn to authoritarian obedience, as in the Nazi era, with a thought police (a policy to control, guide the thoughts and opinions of people), which spreads thoughts. bad and bad thinking of the authorities. Of course, this will be greatly facilitated by the tech giants – entities with the ability to monitor and censor.

21) Low-income suburban neighborhood residency program

The program was initially carried out under Barack Obama, seeking to invade the country’s suburbs, which are home to low-income households, to abolish conservative votes from suburban people.

Under Biden and Harris, the program will be relaunched, undergoing forced construction of high-crime condominiums, aimed at low-income suburban areas as part of the “integration” agenda, but in fact just a fraud strategy. by ballot. As a result, middle class and white populations will be forced to live in social housing projects. Many ailments such as drugs, prostitution and violence. Combined with “help the police” initiatives, this will put the country’s suburbs in the sights of left-wing criminal gangs and drug lords, and that’s exactly what it is. The desire of the Democrats.

22) Carry out a door-to-door “purge” of Christians and conservatives

Once the left-wing entities (Antifa, Black Lives Matter, public opinion manipulation organization) are fully deployed across the country, they will launch a “purge”, aimed at tracking down houses and executing them. anyone who still supports President Trump, Christians, Conservatives, or Constitutionalists.

Such subjects are not allowed to exist in “left sect” society, where the LGBTQ agenda must be strictly adhered to, and everyone must worship Kamala Harris like a god (or not at all). excluded). Note that this purge will only take place after the removal of the Second Amendment, and the majority of the population will have been stripped of their defensive weapons.

23) LGBT propaganda among children, legalize pedophilia nationwide

The LGBT program will come into full force under the Biden and Harris administrations, with LGBT propaganda compulsory for all students and the legalization of pedophilia across the country. (currently partially legalized in California).

Teachers at the school will be encouraged to openly ‘experience’ sex with young children, as this is part of the culture of the left, leading ‘decent’ young people, to serve sexual abusers in high positions in the world. within the Democratic Party.

Anyone who opposes pedophilia will be called “stubborn”, as the leftist considers “love regardless of age”. Much of that was done and Netflix released a pedophilia-themed movie (“Cuties”) as part of this propaganda campaign.

24) Reduce the voting age nationwide to 14

What Democrats are learning is that young people can easily be brainwashed and forced to comply with their irrational demands. The media conspiracy to praise Greta Thunberg – a climate change puppet, is part of this effort to define adolescents and children as “world leaders”, demands that all citizens fully accept the impulsive thinking of teenage girls, who preach the lies of the globalists.

The same goes for David Hogg – an advocate for the gunmen, fashioned into a gun control freak, an object that anyone who criticizes they will be like the media is subjected to to globalists ruthlessly despised. But with the Biden and Harris administrations, they will not only use young teens as food for thought, but also allow young people to vote! The legal voting age will be reduced to 14 or even 12 years.

From there, every future election will be decided on the basis of propaganda and brainwashing on social media. These two forms are extremely powerful influencing factors on young adolescents who still have insufficient thinking and life experience. If Democrats are unable to convince smart adults to support their Marxism and Communism, they will simply target children.

25) Eliminate and burn all Catholic churches in the country

Eventually, the rise to power of the left and the Democrats will lead them sooner or later to proceed with the elimination of Christianity and to condemn the Bible as a “declaration of hatred” (the great men turmeric has started to spread to it. topic).

Under the total reign of Biden and Harris, the government will wreak havoc on Catholic churches across the country, even as many of them seek exemption because they propagate and support philosophy. LGBT and gay marriage. Because Satan is already a demon, he will not tolerate any church that exists, other than temples that recite Satan.

Therefore, every place of worship of Jesus will be demolished, all Christian believers and shown in public will be arrested, possibly tortured in the same way. China’s right to treat prisoners of conscience in Mainland China. This is why Democratic governors have closed and blocked churches in New York, Michigan, California and elsewhere. These are the first steps in the complete elimination of the Catholic Church.

If President Trump is elected, the world and the American people will receive the following:

Law and order have been tightened, arresting and prosecuting violent street gangsters and terrorists to increase social security in the American city and suburbs.
Take more steps to end the censorship and tyranny of the tech giants, making the Internet a free environment for the people.
Prosecute treacherous and infiltrated governments such as Obama, Clinton, Comer and Brennan.
Protect America from the Chinese Communist government.
Protect the rights of the Second Amendment and the right of citizens to protect themselves.
Reduce tax rates, enact regulations and reduce drug costs.
Stop the blocking order. No vaccination is required at the federal level.
End racism, leftist ideology and racism.
Federal prosecution of terrorists by Antifa and Black Lives Matter.
Strengthen border and defense measures against China and Russia.
Increase economic opportunities in the United States, restore the economy with a positive development trend.
University reform, aimed at ending racism.

If you value freedom, integrity, security and safety, vote for President Trump.

And if you support evil, pedophilia, cheating, hatred, destructive behavior, want to endure under communism, vote for Joe Biden.

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