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The old man spent his whole life waiting for his missing lover to return, until he closed his eyes and still couldn’t see him again

Day in and day out, Mr. Pak is still sitting around the corner where they promise to meet again when everything is calm. (Photo: World of Buzz)

In 1970, political riots in Manlang caused Mr. Pak and his girlfriend in chaos to lose contact completely. And then 50 years passed, Mr. Pak still could not help but remember the nostalgia of the girl that year. Until the country was calm again, he found his familiar street corner every day at Kayu Tangan, where they once promised to meet again.

The old man’s loyalty to the girl he loves makes everyone unable to help. 50 years is a very long time, it is harder to wait for the miracle to happen, more heartbreaking that maybe her lover is no longer in this world.

It is often seen that Mr. Pak Arifin (also known as Gombloh) has been sitting there for a long time, which is a corner of the hostel patio, he has a slim and austere figure, the wrinkles on his face are the evidence. the years he spent. But Mr. Pak’s story only became known to people through the country’s social networking sites recently.

Mr. Pak is from Malang State (Indonesia) and died several years from a serious traffic accident.

In the past, when a riot broke out that separated him from his lover, the couple once vowed that once they became peaceful, they would certainly meet in Kayu Tangan.

Respecting his date, until everything is back to normal, Mr. Pak, regardless of the sun and rain, goes to the old hangout every day to wait for his loved one. He was not even afraid to leave the house he was in to settle near Kayu Tangan.

However, every day he was disappointed to leave as he couldn’t wait so long for the familiar figure in his heart, so for the past 50 years he still didn’t give up on his intention or love another person. , waiting for himself.

“I don’t know if the old woman is still alive or has left the world. But the old man with a strong heart and strong faith left his Ngantang home in Kayu Tangan. 50 years have passed, he is still convinced that there will be a miracle, ”said Sipitdikit, who witnessed the fate of the old man.

Sadly, one day a man in love has just left but still hasn’t realized his full life aspiration, making people unable to cry. In early April 2017, Mr. Pak was found unconscious in the street, covered with bruises, possibly seriously injured after a serious collision, the person who caused the crash went into hiding.

People took him to Saiful Anwar Hospital, but it was too late. His sudden death made us regret all knowledge about the fate of the faithful man who still did not have a beautiful end until the end of his life.

The image of Mr. Pak was painted by young people where he always sits to commemorate the faithful old man and a sad love story. (Photo via Twitter)

“The staunch love of old Pak Arifin will always be on the minds of predestined people who know him, as well as those who have only heard of him but never met him in real life,” wrote Sipitdikit’s Twitter account on his personal page.

The power of love sometimes makes people disrespectful, but unfortunately, beautiful love doesn’t have a happy ending. Let’s just hope that maybe if Mr. Pak’s lover is no longer in this world, they will surely be reunited in Heaven.

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