The first option used by the rescue team was to use a fire hose in combination with a towing winch to pull the 500 kg horse out of the mud. As the rescuers tried to bring the fire hose back under the horse’s stomach, Nicole was still at Astro’s side.
She wrapped her little arms around the horse’s neck so Astro knew he wasn’t alone, everyone was definitely doing whatever they could to get him out of the quagmire safely.
Nicole also whispered words of comfort and calm to him, while keeping the horse’s head on its feet.
To keep Astro and everyone safe, the horse had to be obedient and calm. So, during the rescue process, Nicole’s presence was the most effective sedative for Astro.
Members of the rescue team discussed, exchanged and tried all methods to help the horse escape. The team’s efforts and enthusiasm brought a sense of peace and hope to Nicole and her horse.

Farmers nearby, when they witnessed the scene, quickly dispatched a tractor to help them. Thanks to this strong traction, the team managed to get Astro out of the mud safely.
When the horse was able to put its forelimbs on the ground, everyone sighed in relief. Astro was rescued a few minutes before the tide reached.
The rescue team and Nicole were stained with mud, but everyone was smiling because they hadn’t given up hope. Their 3 hour vigilance saved a life.
Looking at the latest photos, after finishing the “match” everyone feels warm, especially when Nicole kneels beside her horse among everyone.

The story has a happy ending and is full of humanity. Mistress Nicole’s love and sympathy for the horse touched the rescuers. The same love and trust helped everyone to keep the hope of salvation until the end.
It will be a great story to watch with your kids on a weekend afternoon when the whole family is together. History will help you teach your children how powerful genuine love is.
It is like a stream of cool water, can relieve pain and go from heart to heart to awaken the seeds of honesty deep within each person.