The owner has died, the dog has been by his grave for 18 months

The dog’s loyalty is probably undeniable. There have been many touching stories about their connection to humans and “Hachiko of Greece” is one of them. During the 18 months, he was still standing near where his master had gone forever due to a car accident.

In 2017, a catastrophic accident claimed the life of Mr. Haris – the dog’s owner. The crash site was about 12 km from his house and no one knew how to get there.

The love and loyalty of this Greek dog has touched people’s hearts. They gave food and tried to adopt him, but the dog insisted on staying where his master had died, refusing to leave. When the weather warms, he will take shelter in a nearby tree, and when it is cool, he awaits his master’s grave again. Touched by the dog’s perseverance, the people built a “hut” and a small sanctuary there for Mr. Haris.

In addition, they also nicknamed the “Hachiko of Greece”. As the story above is similar to that of Hachiko in Japan who spent 10 years awaiting the return of her deceased master and is seen as a symbol of Japanese loyalty. Sometimes the loyalty of dogs amazes us and makes us look at them with different eyes.

There is an older story on Greyfriars Bobby from Edinburgh

Bobby was a Skye Terrier adopted by a night watchman in the 19th century. The dog remained at the grave of its deceased owner for 14 years and then died.

Statue of Greyfriars Bobby of Edinburgh. (Photo via The Plannets World)

The dog’s owner, John, died in 1858 and was buried in Gray Friars Cemetery. At the cemetery, Bobby’s dog refuses to leave his owner’s grave, regardless of the weather conditions.

Bobby became famous and many people came to visit him. This dog died in 1872. A year later, the statue of Bobby was erected in memory of this loyal dog.

Another loyal dog named Captain

The captain is a German Shepherd from Argentina, he has been waiting for his owner’s grave for 12 years, even sleeping there all night. In 2006, Mr. Miguel Guzman, owner of the captain passed away. This dog was near his grave and also died in 2018.

The howling dog Captain stands by the grave. (Photo via Dailysabah)

According to sources, the captain was very old and weak, but refused to leave the cemetery.

Not only are they famous for their loyalty to their owners, but these stories also show that dogs have strong emotions and feelings as well.

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