The poor elk and the reluctant necklace

Colorado Wildlife Park spotted an elk with a tire stuck to its neck and appealed to the public for help reporting the animal if it was seen.

Daily Mail reported, on August 10, Colorado Wildlife Park in the US shared footage captured from a camera mounted in the forest, showing an elk roaming in the Arapahoe-Roosevelt National Forest. with a rubber, tire stuck on his neck. Rangers say the moose has been spotted by them on surveillance cameras several times over the past 12 months.

The poor elk is believed to be still quite young, so experts say, as it gets older, it could have trouble breathing and eating if the tire stays around its neck without it being worn was taken.

The moose was discovered with a tire hanging from its neck for a year.

Colorado Wildlife Park spokesman Jason Clay said: “The worst-case scenario would be that he would die in a fight with another moose.” Mistakes are a provocative sign to other wild animals.
Sadly, elk entanglement with foreign objects around their horns and necks is not uncommon in Colorado due to the indiscriminate littering of visitors into the natural environment. “We see this all too often, it could be a hammock, Christmas lights, ropes, tires…,” said spokesman Jason Clay.

Colorado Parks has issued an appeal to the public to contact them if the animal is found.


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