When we turn our heart to any false enlightenment, we will return to the world it rules (illustration: pixabay).

Revelation 3:12 says, “Whosoever shall win, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall not go out from there.”
This means that if a person can overcome all of their own ailments (“win”), they will belong to God forever and will never “come out” forever. to be with God. This is very similar to the principles of Buddhist practice. When a person is completely able to let go of his bad thoughts, they will become pure, eventually reaching consummation.
Rewards and penalties
During the years of evangelism, Jesus constantly reminded people of karmic retribution:
“Jesus said to the man,” Sheath your sword, for whoever uses the sword will die with a sword. “(Matthew 26:52)
“Those who diligently seek the good will receive grace;
But those who are absorbed in evil will be harmed on themselves ”(Proverbs 11:27)
“Whoever digs a hole to harm others will fall into that hole,
Whoever rolls a stone to crush it will be crushed by the kick, recoil and crush ”(Proverbs 26:27)
Jesus once told a story about sheep and goats, including the passage: “The wicked will suffer forever in hell, the honest people will live eternal life in heaven” (from “Lord” in God’s time means a long period).
So, once the good guys or the bad guys have enjoyed all their good and bad karma, where will they go? Buddhism believes that they will continue to reincarnate to do the rest. If you want to be able to go to the Heavenly Kingdom of Great Enlightenment (with God forever), then that person has to cultivate, let go of everything in the world.

Jesus regularly reminds people of karmic retribution (photo before his news).Another proof:

“I came out naked from my mother’s womb;
I’ll come home naked.
God gives it, then God takes it away.
Praise the name of the Lord. “(Job 1:21)
How to get back inside the mother? The answer is reincarnation. When a person still has a predestined relationship in the world, they reincarnate to continue that predestined relationship.
The world has recorded numerous cases of babies born remembering strange memories which they claim to be from “past lives”. Scientists have traced these “past life memories” to confirm whether the story is real or just fiction. Here are some confirmed cases:
1. A 3-year-old remembers his previous life, identifies the murderer and the location of the body
The late Dr Eli Lasch is known for his contributions in the field of medicine in Gaza (Egypt), in the functioning of the Israeli government. This is the case study of a 3 year old boy near the border between Syria and Israel.
The boy said that in her past life she was murdered with an ax. He showed the elders where his body and weapon had been buried and identified the identity of the murderer. A body with a head injury was actually found where he pointed it, the ax was found and the murderer also admitted his crime.
2. Child who remembers a previous life as a pilot during WWII, warship identifier, plane crash site
Dr. Jim Tucker of the University of Virginia studied the case of James Leininger from Louisiana, United States. He started having nightmares about a plane crash when he was 2 years old. He said he was shot down by the Japanese, his plane took off from Natoma, and he had a friend named Jack Larson. He said his name was James in his previous life as well.
The child remembers his past life as a pilot during WWII (photo Dally Mail).
In fact, there was a WWII pilot with the name James Huston Jr .. This person’s life and death coincided with all of the details above. Young Leininger was also able to locate Huston’s plane crash in a photo.
From the author’s perspective, the Bible is not only a book that God teaches people to live, but it also has a spiritual connotation. As such, it will be solved at different levels from a grower perspective.