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The reason for the golden statue depicting Mr. Trump holding the ‘magic wand’

45th President of the United States – Mr. Donald Trump (photo: Shutterstock).
When former US President Donald Trump had not yet appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), his yellow statue attracted all the attention. Long lines of people lined up to be photographed next to the statue all day, according to Fox News.

The statue is made by Tommy Zegan. Zegan said that during Trump’s presidency, he saw a lot of signs, balloons and statues of the 45th president. do?” Zegan asked. “So I said I could do better.”

According to Zegan, there is a lot of “symbolism” in the statue. The suit shows Trump as a businessman, the red tie symbolizing the Republican Party. His red, white and blue shorts show that “he is a patriot”. He wore sandals because “he was at an age so he should rest and go to the beach somewhere” but he did not.

The magic wand he was holding recalls a 2016 comment that former President Barack Obama told Trump at the time, “What miracles do you have?” to bring jobs back to America. In the end, Mr. Trump really gripped the constitution (like a magic wand) because “that’s what he believes in.”

The artist hopes that statue will be included in the Trump Presidential Library. This 90kg statue is for sale for $ 100,000.

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